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Top Technologies That Can Help the Environment 

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Technological advancement has done a lot to help humans do things that they previously weren’t able to. While the ease is commendable, modern technology also has some issues. One of the major issues is the harmful effect on the environment. The industry majorly works with coal, which emits carbon into the environment. 

Mobile Technology solve Social Problems

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The other major things that modern technology is based on the rare earth metals. For all this, mining is carried out which is extremely dangerous to the global environment. The Earth has already started seeing its consequences. However, many technologies are actually helping in environmental conservation. These are the technologies that we need to invest in as well.

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Go through our list of technologies that are helping our environment for good.

  1. Solar Panels

Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy that can be used on Earth. It is renewable energy and moving towards it is the right step toward a clean future. Thanks to modern technology, we are now able to drive cars and lighthouses using solar energy. The material used in solar panels is advancing every day to make them more efficient. 

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This also reduces the stress on the national grid. For example, road lights can be given solar panels at a distance. So, these lights conserve solar energy all day and use it at night. The electricity for this doesn’t have to come from the national grid and can be produced locally. Nowadays the use of solar glass is also increasing.

  1. Carbon Capture and Storage

Also known as CCS, Carbon Capture and Storage is the latest innovation in the attempt to protect the environment. This is being used in the industrial sector. In simple words, this mechanism separates carbon dioxide from other gases from the industrial process generates. 

The increasing amount of carbon dioxide gas is responsible for heating up our environment resulting in drastic climate change. The gas is transported underground through pipes and tunnels and stored in the form of rocks. This form doesn’t harm the environment. 

The first such facility was opened in Switzerland in 2017. Since then many companies in the industrial world are working to implement this mechanism.

  1. Plant-Based Plastic

We all have read about the disastrous effects plastic has on our environment. Just reading about the time it takes for plastic to decompose is mind-boggling. 

There are increased calls to end single-use plastic. The real problem is the plastic use in the consumption economy that we’re all part of. 

Plant-based plastic is an attempt to lessen the harmful effects of polythene plastic. Plant-based plastics are biodegradable and can take the place of plastic easily. Since 2014, an Indonesian company is making these plastics out of the waste generated from cassava. There are still some questions about the quality of these plastics and if they are completely biodegradable or not. But it is expected that the optimum level will be achieved in the coming years.

  1. Graphene

Graphene is one of the greatest discoveries of this century so far. This material conducts better than copper, is thinner than paper, and is stronger than steel. Unbelievably, before 2004, it was completely theoretical but now is a reality. It is basically a very thin layer of graphite, first discovered at the University of Manchester in 2004. 

High-level research is being carried out for it. It is also speculated that this might be the next silver, bronze, or steel that will steer our civilization forward. It is just one atom thick and is very strong and flexible. This makes it fit to be used in many planet-saving technologies. 

Some of these are water filtration, photovoltaic use, and semiconductors that can transport huge chunks of energy. Graphene can set the cornerstone for the establishment of green earth.

  1. Electric Public Transport

Electric vehicles are the bright future of the automobile industry. It uses less energy and is effective and efficient in the output. Another thing that is going to save the planet is public transport. Joining these two, we have electric public transport. Only financially affluent people have access to individual electric vehicles. 

To make these more accessible, we need to introduce this technology to public transport. Around 300,000 electric buses have been put on the roads in China. This huge success in China can prompt other countries to follow suit. The buses may be more expensive than the normal ones but in the long run, will save diesel and the environment at large. 

It is a win-win situation both for fuel price control and the earth.


The Earth is ours to save. The initiative has to come from humans. We need to make sure that the technologies being used don’t harm the planet. Instead, investment needs to be made in tech that gives benefits the environment and saves it from further deterioration.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.