Titan CEO Ryan Condron Talks About The Future Of Crypto Mining

Titan is a new and intelligent mining management software suite and a hashpower marketplace that is designed to increase the efficiency, ease, and profitability of crypto mining. The software is designed to achieve all that while simultaneously increasing the useful lifespan of the involved mining equipment. The platform is built by miners for miners to ensure that mining is made easy, profitable, and scalable.

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Ryan Condron, the CEO of Titan, explained to us about the marketplace and what the future holds for the company.

Titan CEO Ryan Condron Talks About The Future Of Crypto Mining

Ryan Condron, CEO of Titan

About Ryan Condron

Ryan Condron is the developer of the first customizable profit switching mining pool. The pool supports over 80 altcoin mining pools Poolwarz and Rigwarz. His mining hardware comparison site was launched in 2013. He has been a software engineer for at least 15 years and a CTO at many software startups. Moreover, he has run his private software firm for the last 5 years.

E-Crypto News: How safe are the Titan mining pools from the hackers?

 We’ve been working with miners and mining pools since 2013 and are very cognizant of proper wallet and infrastructure security.

E-Crypto News: What is the main purpose of the Lumerin token?

The purpose of the Lumerin token is to serve the Lumerin network with a fungible value store and to help regulate and incentivize state changes on the Lumerin public ledger.

E-Crypto News: Will the Lumerin token have its own blockchain or will it be supported by the already-existing blockchains?

The Lumerin token will be launched initially as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. Once ready, the Lumerin token will be transferred to its own chain.

E-Crypto News: Why does Titan provide liquidity to the miners?

The Titan mining pool purchases hashrate from miners through its FPPS pool in order to produce blocks on the Bitcoin network.

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E-Crypto News: When mining a Lumerin coin, will the payout always be in the form of mined coin?

If you mine a block on the Lumerin network you will receive a block reward denoted in Lumerin.

E-Crypto News: What do I need to have to use your Public Pool?

A device capable of performing SHA256 hashes.


E-Crypto News: How do you intend to resolve the centralization problem?

By incentivizing miners to sell off the control of their produced hashpower in decentralized markets and community driven ecosystems.

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