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The Upward Trajectory Of Cryptos In Gambling: Which Are The Drivers Of Crypto Gambling Growth?

The Upward Trajectory Of Cryptos In Gambling: Which Are The Drivers Of Crypto Gambling Growth?

We are now living in an era where encrypted transactions, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies take up an increasing space of our everyday activities and routines. If all else remains constant, it is expected that soon, cryptocurrencies are going to grow at such a rate, that the whole crypto ecosystem is going to be mainstreamed enough to be considered as a nearly equivalent market to the fiat currencies market.

Of course, these projections reflect the optimistic scenario on cryptos, although the speed and pace of their development don’t suggest that we are going to experience a pessimistic scenario.

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People are continuously using cryptos more frequently and for more purposes. The growth in crypto adoption and usage is largely owed to the online gambling industry, something that is demonstrated by the rapid increase of crypto gambling sites all over the internet.

Today, many online gambling sites – including casinos and sports betting platforms – have embraced cryptos either by including crypto payments as legit and viable transaction methods available to their customers or even by turning completely into crypto gambling sites.

These gambling platforms are doing nothing else but leveraging the growing popularity and the surge in demand for cryptocurrency transactions and cryptocurrency usage.

A surge predominantly occurs thanks to the unique benefits and valuable advantages that gamblers gain when using cryptos for gambling.

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Which are the benefits and advantages, offered by cryptocurrencies? Let’s see them one by one.

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The first crucial advantage of gambling is privacy. All people who like to bet or gamble want to keep their privacy as much as possible. They don’t like their gambling activities or gambling habits becoming known to anybody.

That’s something that can be done with cryptocurrencies because every transaction is completely anonymous and while it is recorded on a public ledger (which is transparent) is encrypted, which safeguards privacy.

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The second benefit is closely related to the previous one and it has to do with anonymity. All people who play casino games or who like to bet on sports want to be able to do so, without having to give any bit of personal detail over the internet.

Even if they trust online gambling sites, they still want to retain their anonymity, for several reasons, which we won’t get into right now. Well, with cryptocurrencies this kind of anonymity is guaranteed.

Safety And Security

The third advantage of cryptocurrencies has to do with optimizing safety and security. Users want their transactions to be safeguarded and that is why they usually try to find the best crypto gambling sites in the USA or other parts of the world.

Making online transactions entails an element of risk, especially when fiat currency transactions are involved, where much of gamblers’ private information is exposed. Bank transfers, credit/debit card payments, or even e-wallet payments require users to feed the system with data, which if stolen or hacked can put users’ accounts at risk.

Cryptocurrency transactions can’t eliminate the risk of hacks, but they can certainly reduce to the lowest possible risk of exposure since every transaction that is recorded in the blockchain is immutable, irreversible, and transparent.

Using cryptos for transactions in gambling, so, makes it much safer for the user, and this alone powers up their value.

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Speed And Efficiency

Although speed is not so much of an issue today with online payments and the whole internet thing which makes transactions happen very quickly, the speed at which crypto transactions are implemented is impressive. It only takes moments to pay using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Apart from this impressive speed, the issue of cost ariss. For many of the money transactions, banks or even bookmakers charge fees. When cryptos are transacted these fees are either zero or very low, compared to those charged in fiat currency payments.

These advantages have made cryptocurrencies so popular among those who like to play online casino games, bet on their favorite sports, or generally like to gamble. Cryptos’ popularity will increase soon, unless something else disrupts their explosive growth…

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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