• Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

The First-Ever Metaverse Oriented Telcom Company Announces its Entry into the Market



 Decentralized Telecommunication Operator [DTO], the first telecom operator on blockchain that allows users to own numbers, has announced its entry into the market. Leveraging blockchain technology, DTO aims to pioneer a paradigm shift in how brands and individuals operate in the metaverse.

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As the concept of metaverse continues to gain traction globally, more opportunities are emerging for traditional businesses to enter the market, the telecommunication industry being one of such. Setting the pace for what would be a groundbreaking achievement, DTO, as the first decentralized telecommunications company, is selling mobile phone numbers for the metaverse.

DTO’s Metaverse Mobile Phone Numbers 

Generated by minting an NFT of ERC-721 standard, DTO deploys smart contracts that guarantee the phone numbers’ security and safety. These numbers serve as a VCard and allow users to communicate seamlessly across multiple networks.

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Potential users need a crypto wallet and 0.1 ETH, plus a gas fee to get a number. DTO aims to dispel the need to copy and paste wallet addresses for every transaction. The introduction of the decentralized phone numbers will allow users to store all of their frequently used addresses and subsequently receive payments via that unique number.

DTO is introducing the concept of phone numbers to the blockchain. Users reserve the right to pick the length of the numbers. DTO will facilitate calls from crypto wallets to crypto wallets through these numbers.

After that, users can sell their phone numbers as NFTs.

These phone numbers will act as an all-in-one solution for users – it will replace the need of entering wallet addresses, thus simplifying and making the entire process hassle-free. Additionally, owners of DTO numbers will receive unlimited access to web 3.0 communication.

Metaverse Numbers – How Does It Work? 

As an open and scalable numbering system based on the Ethereum network, DTO matches numeric combinations – like DTO123456789 – and machine-readable identifiers like Ethereum metadata and addresses. While the decentralized telecommunications operator serves the same purpose as the regular prefix service companies, it has an entirely different infrastructure, partly due to the existing features of the Ethereum blockchain.

DTO employs NFT technologies to deliver a peculiar identifier. And owners can conveniently buy and sell phone numbers by transferring their NFTs.

DTO and Prefixes 

Setting on an untrodden path, DTO is currently selling phone number prefixes for telecommunication companies in the metaverse. Anyone can buy prefixes and become a telecom service provider.

DTO offers prefixes consisting of unique yet random letters and symbols with a maximum range of 10 billion indefinitely. The company seeks to distribute as many decentralized telecoms as possible, each creating a marketing strategy, price listing, terms of service, and a tailored approach to reach potential clients.

In addition to offering phone numbers, DTO provides prefix creation services. Owning one of these prefixes gives users access to 10 billion unique numbers and letters, an unreserved right to set the price, and a recognizable ETH, BSC, or APP title.

About DTO 

Decentralized Telecommunications Operator [DTO] is an open, scalable, secure numbering system based on the Ethereum network. As the first decentralized telco, DTO aims to offer users unique phone numbers to use in the metaverse. Additionally, DTO provides prefix creation services, offering everyone an opportunity to own and run a metaverse-based telecommunication company.

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Twitter https://twitter.com/DtoTech

Github: https://github.com/dtoperator

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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