The Capital has Launched it’s Beta Platform!

The internet has been a blessing to mankind because it has paved the way for the creation of many different internet-based products, services and platforms that us all help make life easier, as well as creating avenues for income generation.

There are several internet-based platforms to facilitate making money in interesting ways, and one of them is very soon going to be The Capital Platform which is a platform where content creators can soon #StackSats while doing what they do best: Creating content.

Creators from all around the world are faced with a common problem: Most content creators have had to look for other jobs in order to survive while doing their content creation as side gigs. With the way different social media platforms are created and run, it has proven to be very difficult for content creators to find safe landing and earn something tangible from content.

And that’s all about to change for professionals in the topics of business, finance, crypto, and tech.

The Capital Platform Solution

The initial launch of The Capital platform serves as an alternative for writers on Medium, and together with the creators, the platform will evolve and merge into something much, much larger over time.

The plans for The Capital platform was put in place in order to let creators from all around the world and across all types of content monetize their work. This goes for writers, video makers, podcasters, and for regular micro-blog posting as we know it from Twitter. That and more is all coming in V2 which is our gold master edition which we will be releasing within the next 9-12 months:

But for now, content creators can enjoy a beautiful article and video-publishing platform in both day and night mode!

At the launch of V2, creators and users can make money via:

· Video ads on content

· Paid user-to-content creator subscriptions

· Companies paying creators directly for publicity

· Referrals

· Watching video ads

· Sharing monetized content

· And more

Furthermore, there is an incentive for sharing content from the platform, since the moment you share a link to a monetized piece of content, it automatically becomes a referral link, and you will get credited and start making money when people click on the link.

Everyone benefits from video ads

When a video ad is shown to the visitor, this is how the revenue is distributed:

· Content creator gets 45-50% of ad revenue

· The visitor watching the video ad gets 5%

· The person sharing monetized content gets 5% of the revenue generated from all views brought to the articles

· The Capital keeps the remaining 45%

The current version of The Capital

The current version serves as an alternative to Medium. A fresh take on an old industry, and if you join us early, you can enjoy the benefits to come in the future builds where we expand into being a feed based platform, while keeping all of its publishing features that comes in this version

It is important to note that all of the monetization features will be available on the V2 of The Capital platform. However, users can sign up without hassles and begin posting content to expand their presence on the platform as an early adopter.

Are you ready to grow with us? We are!

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