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The Biggest Challenges Crypto Projects Are Facing Today

The Biggest Challenges Crypto Projects Are Facing Today

Blockchain technology is changing how we think about things like online security and transactions, content ownership, and how the internet is built. The great interest in technology has led to many businesses participating in the ecosystem by creating projects that serve specific needs or solve specific problems.

All the advantages and benefits it provides come with some challenges, one of the most notable being the adoption of crypto projects. If you are creating one, such as a new cryptocurrency, here are some challenges you might have to contend with.

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A Lack Of Trust

People must trust a business or its products and services to use them. Sadly, the crypto world has been plagued with several issues over the years that have eroded the trust people have in the whole system.

From high-profile scams to the collapse of some of the biggest businesses in the space, this industry has not given users many reasons to trust it. However, you can turn this around by going back to the basics by providing people with the solutions they want and need, embracing laws, rules and regulations that allow for better regulation of crypto projects, and continuous innovation that shows users you still care about your project.

Onboarding New Users

There is the misconception that crypto is only for those who love tech or know a lot about it. This might be true for some niche products and projects, but it is untrue for the whole ecosystem. Regardless, it still makes it challenging to onboard new users who might not even know your project exists or that it could be beneficial to them.

Crypto businesses are solving this by increasing their brand reach and awareness by leveraging digital marketing strategies. These involve regularly creating targeted, helpful and relevant content that helps everyone understand blockchain in general and specific projects in particular.

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You can also hire a marketing agency to help with crypto link building. These efforts will help you rank higher when people search relevant keywords or queries, increasing exposure to your project. It also boosts brand awareness and trust, which helps with the onboarding issue.

Other strategies include influencer marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, giveaways and airdrops geared towards putting projects in front of as many potential users as possible.


Blockchain networks are computationally demanding, which makes them inefficient and slow. The issue worsens as the number of users, applications, and transactions increases, which is bound to happen once a project goes mainstream.

The good news is that several projects help solve these issues, specifically slow transactions. Solutions like the Lightning Network, built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, add a second layer to the network to enable much faster transactions.

Others are dividing nodes into clusters and groups, each responsible for a small set of transactions. The result is overall increased throughput and lower transaction fees.

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Blockchain remains one of the most fascinating and impactful technologies of our time. It helps users, developers, and businesses create unique solutions and solve problems that used to be challenging to work out using other solutions. However, building on top of it still presents challenges you need to know about if you venture into the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and related technologies.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.

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