UK may pay drivers to replace combustion cars with EVs

The UK car market has taken a bruising due to COVID-19, like much of Europe, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson may be counting on electric vehicles to bring it back....
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Formula E racer disqualified for using an esports ringer in a virtual race

[embedded content] Abt did have a Zoom feed going, but his face was blocked by a microphone or other equipment. “Please ask Daniel Abt to put his Zoom next time...
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Lotus has already sold out of its electric hypercar for 2020

The total production run compares closely to the 150 Pininfarina expects for its Battista EV, although the Italian badge hasn’t said how its sales are faring. It’s not completely unexpected...
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Porsche opens Europe's most powerful EV charging park

The company is using the charging downtime as an opportunity to hawk its wares. You can visit a customer center (including a car museum and shop) and book track time...
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Maserati may unveil its first hybrid car on April 21st

The company hasn’t confirmed anything at this stage. However, it might represent a prime opportunity. Maserati has been struggling in China, with sales dipping 27 percent in 2019. This could...
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EPA scientists warn the EPA against proposed regulation rollbacks

One of the proposals the board criticized is the administration’s plan to reduce Obama-era vehicle emissions standards for car and light truck models up to 2026. The 41 scientists in...
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Mazda claims long-range EVs are worse for the planet than diesels

The company determined that a 95kWh battery (close to what you’d see in Tesla’s higher-end Model S and X) would require more emissions from the very start due to both...
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Turkey's first fully homemade car is an electric crossover SUV

The machine will be quick enough to reach an 80 percent charge in 30 minutes on sufficiently fast (roughly 150kW) chargers. It’ll be technically savvy beyond the powerplant. TOGG is...
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YouTubers have raised $20 million to plant 20 million trees

YouTubers created videos about trees to promote TeamTrees, leading over 500,000 viewers to donate to the cause. While most donations were about $5, Elon Musk donated $1 million. He even...
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Apple, Google and Microsoft sign letter backing Paris Agreement

Notably, though, neither Amazon nor Facebook has signed the pro-environment call. We’ve asked both companies for comment. Facebook has made fairly strong environmental commitments, planning to power its worldwide operations...
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