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TacoCat Takes Play-to-Earn to Next Level


Global Executives in Fintech & Marketing Join the Tacocat Team

PANAMA CITY,– The TacoCat Company, Inc. (TCT), a utility token bringing crypto mainstream, is excited to announce the addition of new board advisors to the TacoCat community. Something big is brewing at TacoCat, supported and amplified by the experience of global industry players who bring expertise in commercial growth, decentralized finance, blockchain gaming, marketing, and social impact.

The TacoCat community is proud to announce their partnership with leading payment solution provider Simplex (a Nuvei Company). Simplex is empowering the crypto industry with a full fiat infrastructure; part of a greater suite of fintech solutions from Nuvei that are all aligned with making crypto mainstream. This brings noteworthy credibility to the TacoCat Token (TCT) and TacoCat’s new play-to-earn, NFT collectible blockchain game, Wildcard.

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Ari Last, VP of Business Development, Simplex will become the Business Development Advisor to TacoCat. His particular experience in the gaming world and knowledge of cryptocurrency are backed by 20 years of experience in international sales and business development at leading media companies and startups.

Sam Grant, former CMO for Coca-Cola UK & Samsung UK, is a senior blue chip marketing leader with a first class track record of driving significant commercial growth through brand building. Sam is delighted to be Marketing Advisor to TCT, saying “I admire the vision of the Tacocat team to make crypto currency mainstream while bringing a social benefit to developing countries through play-to-earn gaming. I look forward to helping them become a major brand and developing world-class marketing programs.”

Omaid Hiwaizi, an experienced marketing leader for emerging technology start-ups and scale-ups, speaks to the utility of the TacoCat Token (TCT) that provides its value to investors, “TacoCat is one of the next generation of token projects that has real utility for the token. It also has the ambition to make a positive societal impact, a very savvy team and vision which extends from gaming to real-world assets. Watch this space.”

This highly decorated professional growth brings diversity and legitimacy to the success of TacoCat and Wildcard, aligning with and fortifying TacoCat’s own vision to bring crypto mainstream. The addition of Ari, Sam and Omaid is a solid demonstration of confidence that brings major industry validation to more than TacoCat. The specific expertise of these specialists and visionaries builds the credibility of the growing opportunity of cryptocurrency and unique digital assets as a game-changing investment portfolio plan.

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Crypto gaming as a play-to-earn model is the latest trend in the gaming industry. It promotes community building and provides financial benefits to those players who add value through their contributions to the game world.

For TacoCat investors, 2022 will be a big year. With constant development to the TacoCat ecosystem & the Wildcard P2E game; educating community members, blockchain gamers and new crypto investors, the road map ahead includes major milestones.

  • 18 JANUARY – Pre-Sale Event

Wildcard starter decks available         WHITELIST for the WILDCARD TOKEN PRESALE  (January 18th for the dates)

  • 23 FEBRUARY – Wildcard Presale Starts
  • 6 APRIL – Official Wildcard LAUNCH

WILDCARD: THE PLAY TO EARN GAME is the 80s themed, card-collectible online crypto video game developed by TacoCat where winning also means earning. Wildcard is an online crypto game of risk and reward, with interesting choices, tense moments and unexpected outcomes; something that is still missing across crypto gaming.

As a pop culture-inspired crypto game, this is an ideal way to bring players entertainment and fun while developing residual income. It’s a simple way to onboard consumers into decentralized finance and blockchain technology. For those new to the blockchain space, an eye-opening consideration to factor into your investment strategy would be that a play-to-earn account can potentially outperform your traditional bank account, with significant ROI.


TacoCat investors gain value by driving value. As a utility token, TCT is a digital asset that gains value with community activity; through trading tokens and minting NFTs. Secure blockchain game WildCard builds value through its ability to be enjoyed and consumed like entertainment with real world assets, a unique solution quickly becoming part of a modern portfolio building strategy. The tokenomics promote a unified community safety protocol that supports consistent growth.

Those new to cryptocurrency and who are interested to learn more about TacoCat history, tokenomics and community, can visit the TacoCat TACOPEDIA, where many basic crypto trading terms are explained. Find out more about decentralized and centralized exchanges in this section before making your first investment in the TacoCat Token.


TacoCat is a friendly, accessible face for cryptocurrency, and aims to become the first crypto-backed lifestyle brand by establishing a self-contained ecosystem that would introduce a growing community to promising crypto projects. Powering this mission is the TacoCat Token (TCT) which is on the Binance Smart Chain, and is currently listed on Pancake Swap, Feg ex, Bitmart, LBank, Hotbit, Bitrue and ZTB.

TacoCat is presenting an opportunity to invest in a community that has been re-invented by a team committed to successfully realizing the original intention of the TacoCat Token (TCT) while simultaneously providing an accessible cryptocurrency experience for the mainstream audiences.

“I was so impressed with TacoCat’s vision of bringing ‘Crypto to the Mainstream’ that I am honored to join the advisory board and help set up a fiat to crypto onramp. This will make investing in TacoCat a very simple process that can be done by simply using a credit or debit card. I look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with the TacoCat team and I’m happy to be a part of their success story.” – Ari Last, VP of Business Development, Simplex.

TacoCat: a pop-culture inspired brand and cryptocurrency community making crypto mainstream turning players into investors through new blockchain gaming, NFTs and a P2E model in an ecosystem connecting crypto, merchandising, creatives and promotions.



Telegram: https://t.me/tacocattoken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tacocattoken

Disclaimer: All investment strategies and investments involve the risk of loss. Consider doing your own due diligence before making financial decisions related to any Cryptocurrency.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.