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South Florida Based Crypto Currency Dev. Launches Crypto Project – Genius Token (GENI)

 Sees Nearly $100 million in Funds in Less Than 2 Weeks of Soft Launch  

(Sarasota, FL – May 20, 2022) Earlier this month, a South Florida cryptocurrency developer soft-launched the crypto project Genius Token (GENI) as a blockchain solution for savings and retirement. The project’s goal is to raise $200 million in funds to back the currency through a unique sacrifice or ‘pledge’ model, which founders believe is the most equitable method of distributing tokens.

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“In years past founders, developers, and their close network were those most rewarded – or you’d have a launch date set whereby any initial tokens would be disbursed ahead of time to close friends of the project. With a sacrifice, individual investors have the time to research the developer and the cryptocurrency to make their decision,” said Robert Genito, developer of the Genius Token.

What is most notable about this initial soft launch (with the final launch of the Genius Smart Contract and Genius Token – slated for mid-July) is that nearly $100,000,000 of value has been dedicated to the project from smaller investors within the larger cryptocurrency market. Investors from all around the world have pledged financial support in the form of ‘sacrifices’ of other cryptocurrencies. Though this is a global project, its core development team is easily accessible through a Telegram chat group that is open to the public (https://t.me/genicrypto).

One of the major drivers of this cryptocurrency project is a belief that everyone should have access to greater financial freedom, regardless of where they live, how the political tides change, and the wild swings of the financial market.

Genito added, “We believe in our mission of developing the world’s best store of value. Both the cryptocurrency sector and the world needs a better store of value than what is currently available, but it also is a space that is revolutionizing commerce – which is so desperately needed in the wake of worldwide financial censorship. “

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When the project officially launches, users who participated in the soft-launch “sacrifice” will be air-dropped their final tokens in the wallet they used to send the initial funds. The current sacrifice phase is less than halfway finished but is already valued at $100 million. At current levels – this marks the largest amount sacrificed in value for any cryptocurrency project outside of Pulsechain and PulseX – which collectively saw more than $1.6 billion sacrificed.

About Genius Token

Genius is a South Florida-based savings and retirement product for the blockchain, being launched on the Ethereum and Pulsechain. The system models current central bank models but ensures that those that save and “stake” the coin receive the value of the future inflation. Additionally, it builds on the model of other such staking/mining tokens with several major technical and technological advancements, including a backend that features Artificial Intelligence, to monitor the behavior of savers and ensure they keep their promises.


Learn more about this project at GeniusToken.com or Geni.app. 

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.