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Solana Users Now Have Access to an On-Chain Social NFT Network

 Thanks to Holaplex’s Social Graph

Follow creators and collectors, get alpha, mint and purchase NFTs

SOLANA BEACH, Calif., May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Holaplex, a leader in open-source, community-owned technology, has launched its decentralized Web3 NFT social network for users on Solana. Unlike closed-source, centralized Web2 social media companies, Holaplex is providing an open standard that secures social information on-chain with permissionless and open technology for creators by creators.

Holaplex’s Social Graph, in parallel with the Holaplex Indexer, powers Profiles, a place to view and purchase minted NFTs, along with the Alpha Feed, which curates activities from those you follow. The result: a true Web3 NFT social network.

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“Web3 anons, Crypto degens and NFT creators want products and experiences that they control and own, so the Holaplex community is building an open-source social graph for every user on Solana,” says Holaplex CEO, Alex Kehaya. “By adopting the Holaplex Social Graph, every user is free to maximize their networks and take followers with them to any application or community on Solana.”

After connecting their wallets at holaplex.com, NFT buyers and creators will have a more fun and personalized display of content. A quick explainer on the platform is available here, along with a more detailed demo. Best of all, every wallet is effectively a storefront thanks to Metaplex‘s AuctionHouse protocol. Users simply go to holaplex.com and connect their wallet to get started. Developers behind any brand, project or DAO that embraces open-source, user-owned and controlled networks can give this power to their users by using and contributing to the Holaplex github or by reaching out to us on Twitter.

Holaplex Community Creates Open Value 

The Holaplex Community has found open source to increase the velocity of innovation by enabling shared development efforts that the developer community can use to quickly build more features. Tools owned and controlled by the community of creators and collectors allow for a more collaborative and inclusive environment.

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The Holaplex Community’s open-source values have been supported with recent integration from CardinalDialect and Notifi; it includes active development from many open-source collaborators as well.

About Holaplex, Inc. 

Holaplex, Inc. is the original provider of open-source software to the Holaplex Community of NFT creators and collectors. We are building a future that is decentralized, open sourced and permissionless for the world’s top creatives. Holaplex enables users to mint, list, and purchase NFTs on the Solana Blockchain without needing to code. As an alternative to closed-source, privately-owned NFT platforms, the decentralized open-source Holaplex platform supports a community of users empowered to govern themselves and design flexible solutions.

Find us on Twitter, Discord and Instagram.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.