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Smashchain Launches its First NFT Collection

In Partnership With Hollywood Horror Legend

Teaming up with Hollywood’s Jack Sholder, the legendary horror director behind films like Alone In The Dark and Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Smashchain.net is tokenizing all kinds of movie-related assets, including scripts, character designs, and more. This introduces a whole new dimension for movie monetization models, enabling users to purchase segments of the film’s synopsis to fund its production.

HONG KONG, Oct. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  Smashchain.net, an NFT curation, creation, and consulting platform, was founded to advance the NFT space through technological development and creating better user experiences. Built by a team of seasoned experts in fields like the arts, music, entertainment, and blockchain, Smashchain is launching its first NFT collection, dubbed ‘The Director Series (Night Rose)’ on October 31.

Night Rose, the name of Jack’s next film, will go down in history as the first movie to be 100% financed by NFTs. The story’s synopsis is broken down into 57 passages of four rarity levels based on the length and the keywords in each passage. The Director Series will be one of many NFT collections to be launched by the platform in the near future, including high-quality art, digital asset collectibles, and even NFTs tied to other upcoming real-world projects, giving participants the chance to own a piece of history. This will mark Phase 1 of Smash’s launch.

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A pre-registration or whitelisting process will take place between Oct. 25 and Oct. 29, 2021. Then, on Oct. 31 at 16:18 UTC, 67.9% of the collection will be made available for free minting on the Smash platform, 20.5% will be launched on OpenSea at a later date, and 11.6% will be withheld for the team, development, and giveaways. Once users pre-register their addresses, the protocol will randomly whitelist 550 addresses for free minting, with a maximum limitation of two NFTs per wallet.

Smashchain aims to create a conducive space for creators, investors, and fans to interact with digital art and collectibles in entirely novel ways. This includes exclusive benefits to holders of its Smash Token (SAS), such as reduced fees, voting rights, and exclusive airdrops. Additionally, the Smash Marketplace, which is set to launch during the project’s Phase 2, will also offer marketing, advertising, and other monetization services that were previously unavailable to creators in the space.

With its newly launched platform, Smashchain hopes to curate the world’s most valuable catalog of rare NFTs through exclusive partnerships with renowned artists and distinguished personalities from all industries.

“We see ourselves as the most experienced and trustworthy platform for experimenting, minting, and monetizing exclusive NFTs,” said Smashchain CEO, Peter Chen. “We want to empower and inspire the world’s most renowned creators using the most cutting-edge technologies to redefine ownership and how value is distributed.”

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Interested users can register for the first collection’s whitelisting here: https://smashchain.net/NightRoseNFT

Contact: [email protected]

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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