Binemon Expands its Metaverse by intergrating the First Feature- ‘Chat Together’

NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Binemon is proud to announce expanding its Metaverse. The game industry has witnessed a substantial rise during this time of the global epidemic. The case is especially significant for “play to earn” game titles with players’ massive recognition and participation from all parts of the world. GameFi is becoming a new standard by flawlessly combining decentralized finance and NFT applications in their blockchain-based games.

Binemon Expands its Metaverse by intergrating the First Feature- 'Chat Together' 1

The community is becoming more familiar with the concept of “Metaverse” for its recent news coverage and what it has to provide. Metaverse opens up a virtual co-existing environment parallel to the real world, helping players nourish worldwide social connections and harvest entertainment value through any device connected to the Internet. It is not an overstatement to compare the mix of the Play-to-earn model, blockchain and Metaverse to the future that all blockchain projects aim to create: an entertaining world of excitement and profit.

Binemon is a part of the big game. From the beginning, Binemon has outlined a detailed roadmap for their development path with numerous features. While further is explained about the first of the platforms to be introduced, Chat Together, to allow Binemon to run the marathon with its competitors:

First step of Idle GameFi in Metaverse

People might have seen the sci-fi movie Ready Player One, in which players exist in a simulation world through the use of VR headsets to do whatever they pick, from studying, having fun with friends to making virtual money and converting them into real cash.

In the current state of daily habits, most users are tied up with their smart devices, leading to the common expectation that Metaverse will become the next evolutionary phase of the Internet. This reflects Binemon’s long-term strategic vision for their prior planning for the project to be the pioneer in its kind and join the new era – Idle GameFi in Metaverse.

Chat Together Inspiration

According to the game publisher, “Chat Together” is inspired by the game title “Play Together”, a must-have in the younger generations’ game library during the pandemic. “Chat Together” is introduced as the first application of Metaverse in idle games. Player, as a Mon, will drop into the game’s lobby to have 3D interactions, communicate and host events.

The nature of Metaverse is no different from a small simulation of physical society. Players can embody into their characters to join GameFi battles in PVP, PVE, GVG to receive rewards in token, equipment and return to the lobby to share valuable strategies with other players or show off what they have conquered. This allows Binemon to become more than only doing fun tasks and making money; that is to be in a state of joy and connected to everyone.

Vision Ahead

Nonetheless, within their 3-5 years of development, Binemon is also introducing BineLand and Building, which are significant factors in the Metaverse implementation plan. BineLand and Building will allow players to own real estate (NFT), build, farm, and interact with online partners.

Metaverse could be the secret ingredient for Binemon to bring players together, which are not being addressed by other GameFi titles. Even more, is their partnership with BSocial (SocialFi) could be the stepping stone for their future expansion. Overall, Binemon aims to be a completed product, with a massive and active community, and a precise roadmap for long-term growth.

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