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Shiba Inu Sees Major Outflow from Exchanges, Here’s Why

Walter Swift

ByWalter Swift

Dec 26, 2023

Recent on-chain data reveals a notable trend in the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency market: a substantial amount of SHIB has been withdrawn from exchanges since November, indicating a shift in investor behavior.

This movement, highlighted by crypto analyst Ali, is marked by the decreasing ‘Balance on Exchanges’ metric, which tracks the total SHIB held in centralized exchange wallets.

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Shiba Inu Balance on Exchange Declining Since November

Analyst Ali’s observations have brought attention to the “Balance on Exchanges” metric for Shiba Inu. This metric is crucial as it tracks the total amount of SHIB present in the wallets of all centralized exchanges. Since November, there has been a notable decrease in this balance, suggesting a change in how investors are handling their Shiba Inu holdings.

The “Balance on Exchanges” metric serves as a barometer for investor sentiment and strategy. An increasing value typically indicates that investors are depositing Shiba Inu coins onto exchanges, often for selling purposes. This trend can have bearish implications for SHIB’s price, as it suggests a potential increase in selling pressure.

Conversely, a declining trend in this metric, as observed since November, implies that net withdrawals are occurring. Investors are moving their SHIB holdings to self-custodial wallets, which is often a sign of accumulation. 

This behavior can be interpreted as bullish for the cryptocurrency, as it indicates a decrease in selling pressure and a potential increase in holding sentiment among investors.

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Understanding these dynamics is key to analyzing the future trajectory of Shiba Inu’s value and the broader implications for the cryptocurrency market. As the balance on exchanges continues to fall, it could herald a new phase of investor confidence and market maturity for SHIB.

Whales Drive Shiba Inu’s Market Movement

One of the key indicators supporting the theory of whale accumulation is the impressive over 30% uplift in Shiba Inu’s price since these withdrawals began. 

Despite this notable uptrend, the ‘Balance on Exchanges’ metric for Shiba Inu hasn’t shown a reversal, indicating that these whales are not in a hurry to sell and realize profits. Instead, they seem to be in a phase of continued buying, possibly gearing up for more significant moves in the future.

Shiba Inu’s price dynamics further elucidate this trend. After a dip to the $0.0000960 level, SHIB experienced a 10% jump, reaching the 0.00001083 mark. This recovery highlights the robust market interest in Shiba Inu and mirrors the broader cryptocurrency market’s resilience.

A critical factor to watch is any reversal in the Shiba Inu Balance on Exchanges. Such a change could signal a shift in whale strategy, potentially leading to at least a short-term price drop for the meme coin. 

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Walter Swift

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