Seedify Announces Cross-Chain Intergrations with the Ethereum Network

 To boost growth

VICTORIA, SEYCHELLES, Aug. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Seedify announces cross-chain integrations with the Ethereum network to boost growth. Ethereum is the second largest blockchain project in the world in market capitalisation, preceded by Bitcoin. Powered by the Ether (ETH) token, Ethereum enables the holding of digital money, global payments, and decentralised applications.

Holders of Ethereum can stake, use and store non-fungible tokens (NFTs), trade cryptocurrencies and play blockchain games. As a result, it has predominantly been the most popular network for new blockchain entrants, as well as NFT users.

While Bitcoin’s market supply is capped at 21 Million BTC, Ethereum is uncapped, and a new Ethereum block is created every 14 seconds.

The long-awaited Ethereum merge (software update) will most likely occur in September this year; this will be the largest fundamental shift in the history of crypto.

Unlike Bitcoin, which has a fixed expansion rate, Ethereum expands according to demand. Unfortunately, due to the increase in demand, the network has suffered an immense increase in traffic and uncontrolled spikes in gas fees (transaction fees). The merge will ultimately alleviate these bottlenecks, making the network even more secure and less energy intensive.

As Seedify eagerly waits to see one of the biggest moves forward in the crypto industry so far, it is also prepared to integrate with the upgraded Ethereum network by opening a parity pool between its native token, $SFUND and Ethereum ($SFUND/ETH).

Seedify is one of the crypto industry’s leading notable launchpads and incubators. They empower innovators and project developers through access to funding, community and partnership building, and a complete support system to help bring premier blockchain games, NFTs, and metaverses to its community through events called IGOs (Initial Gaming offering) and INOs (Initial NFTs offering). These events are a true treasure to crypto investors due to the high ROI potential that these tokens and NFTs carry.

$SFUND, Seedify’s native token, has been among the top 7 coins outperforming the market in July and has been listed as one of the top 10 fastest-growing coins on multiple charts.

 The integration will enable Seedify to expand its community, reach new audiences and enable easy adoption for new holders, stakers, and farmers to their ecosystem.

With the multichain support provided, anyone using the Ethereum network will be able to adopt Seedify utilities much faster, thus adding an extra layer of growth to boost their utilities and $SFUND.

$SFUNDS main utilities include:

  • Participating in IGOs and INOs on Seedify’s platforms.
  • Staking or farming to earn passive income.
  • Qualifying for free incubation tokens via the seed staking feature.

On the back of $SFUND’s success, Seedify has recently announced its NFT Launchpad and created $SNFTS, a utility token that will be listed on 31 August 2022; this token will add more utilities to the robust environment Seedify is building.

To extend the reach of Seedify’s ecosystem, they will also be adding $SFUND/ETH farms very soon to ensure the liquidity of $SFUND on Ethereum provides a healthy trading economy.

Seedify will also be holding surprise events to boost the exposure of $SFUND to Ethereum native users to increase the visibility of $SFUND on the Ethereum network.

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