Baby-Ape Announces its Launch, Experiencing Over a 70% Price Surge


NEW YORK, NY, Aug. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Baby-Ape, the newest meme-themed crypto project, has announced the launch of its platform. Baby-Ape introduces a set of new mechanisms; for example, the team will release the coins first, and NFTs will follow. Users can own these NFTs by burning specific coins.

Since Baby-Ape’s launch, the coin has seen a significant surge in price, over 70%. Currently trading at $0.017, it could make another leap in price after the proposed NFT release. Baby-Ape’s new strategy of minting with the $BAPE token to get NFTs, actually the only way of owning an NFT, can push the token’s price to unimaginable heights.

Wishing Pool and $BAPE

Baby-Ape introduces an NFT minting process called Wishing Pool. Users will burn $BAPE after throwing their wishes into the Pool and obtaining an NFT. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, Baby-Ape hopes to provide a new experience through meme development. The team aims to reshape the meme crypto industry, conferring a different meaning and value to the community.

The upcoming Baby-Ape NFTs will have 2888 NFTs in the collection and 100k $BAPE tokens for each. This means that after every NFT is minted, 28.8% of $BAPE will undergo the burn process. 51.8% of $BAPE will be locked in a liquidity pool for two years and released quarterly.

With 12% and 8% set aside for the team and marketing purposes, respectively, and half of the tokens locked, Baby-Ape employs this strategy to increase the meme token’s value further.

The Baby-Ape NFTs will have 8% royalties for the team, and 50% of the proceeds will go to purchasing $BAPE tokens quarterly. Baby-Ape is an exquisitely designed project with a clear vision.

Baby-Ape Roadmap and Future Plans

Talks are underway for Baby-Ape to list on various centralized and decentralized exchanges. The team aims to run a genuinely transparent project, which is why it has announced that statistics, data, and reports of how much $BAPE is burnt and how much has been spent on repurchase will be available to the public.

Additionally, Baby-Ape will leverage the brand name to enter into various industries.

About Baby-Ape 

Baby-Ape is a new meme-themed token that aims to reshape and reconstruct the narrative around meme tokens. Baby-Ape introduces various systems and mechanisms like the Wishing Pool and auto-burn systems. With an NFT release underway, Baby-Ape will offer a new way of minting non-fungible tokens.

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