• Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

Ethereum Based Royal Rabbits Club’s VIP Whitelist Now Open

Royal Rabbits


LONDON,- Royal Rabbits Club, an Ethereum-based NFT collection platform, has announced the opening of its long-anticipated VIP whitelist. A collection of 7,777 unique non-fungible tokens [NFTs], including a set of 20 legendary Monarch Rabbits, Royal Rabbits Club is offering everyone an opportunity to become a member of a growing community of people who believe, firmly, in the immense potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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Each Rabbit NFT is ultra-rare, unique, and based on hundreds of well-crafted elements that characterize an ideal Rabbit family. Owning any of the unique Rabbit NFTs grants holders exclusive access to the Club which, in turn, will give them access to play-to-earn games, royalties paid in Ethereum, information, online masterminds, networking events, and rewards for guests and users alike. As hitherto mentioned, holders will also become a part of a growing community of crypto enthusiasts who believe in the future of these new technologies—crypto and blockchain.

With minting expected to happen soon, Royal Rabbits Club has opened its VIP whitelist—an exclusive and rare list of 650 handpicked people who will receive a 50% share of all future sales of the Royal Rabbit club NFTs. To attain this status, prospective VIP members will have to fulfill certain requirements to be invited on to the VIP whitelist.

Owners of these community-backed unique NFTs will be rewarded with royalties garnered from future sales, become co-owners of land in the metaverse, access to a virtual art gallery, expert knowledge of cryptocurrencies, and access to networking possibilities.

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Royal Rabbits Club will give back 100% of royalties to the community—80% will be paid to Rabbit NFT holders and 20% sent to liquidity pools for the play-to-earn game. Additionally, a plethora of crypto giveaways as outlined in the project roadmap will be held regularly.

Part of the company’s roadmap is the launch of the Royal Rabbits Club game. This game is bound to be both exciting and rewarding. Players will earn Carrot Coin when they complete various stages of the game, as part of in-game rewards. Not only will the Rabbit NFT enable users to connect to the game on the metaverse, but it will also grant them 3D Rabbit characters for improved gameplay.

Currently, Royal Rabbits Club owns land in The Sandbox, and all NFT holders will co-own this land, as members of the prestigious club.

About Royal Rabbits Club

Royal Rabbits Club is a community-backed collection of 7,777 rare and unique NFTs. Designed to make a mark on the digital world, Royal Rabbits Club is creating a community of people with a firm belief in the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as disruptive tools. Besides this, the company is working to reward Rabbit NFT holders by proffering royalties from sales, access to private information and opportunities, co-ownership of land in the metaverse, 3D in-game characters, and expert knowledge of these new technologies.

Social Contact

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RoyalRabbitsClb

Instagram: https://instagram.com/royalrabbitsclub.io

Discord: https://discord.gg/AEJVJad9Rj

Media Contact

Company Name: Royal Rabbits Club

Contact Person: Hassan Elkaramany [AdmiralRabbit]

Contact Person Title: Project Manager

Company Website: https://royalrabbitsclub.io/

Company Email: [email protected]

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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