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ROinvesting Review: Top Broker for Investment in the market


Do you know, a great broker can change your fortunes in seconds. If you want to know how then read the ROinvesting review and see how it works.

Finding fancy ways for trading that can land you a safe haven for profits is rare. Fortunately, ROinvesting is one broker that excels in these excellent practices. It works in favor of traders by affording them with unique features and characteristics that entice them to invest funds. ROinvesting review glances upon facts that are bringing change in how market players or investors used to invest.

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The financial market is expanding, and new ideas are operating in various directions. The number of assets and instruments has magnified in the past years, enabling people to earn using conducive trading platforms.


Summary ROinvesting

· You can trade in over ten thousand markets worldwide using the services.

· Royal Forex LTD is the owner of ROinvesting.

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· There’s a demo account for all traders for experimenting before investing funds.

· A trader can afford services of forex trading.

· You don’t lose money when trading with ROinvesting.

· The minimum deposit is quite less here.

· Backed by 30+ analytical instruments.


Is Trading CFDs allowed on ROinvesting?

The broker is supportive of all growth factors enabling and complex financial derivatives, aka CFDs, are one of the essential parts here. They offer opportunities to enter different markets that can enhance the chances of earning money.

The whole idea of speculating in CFDs becomes easy from complex, and that’s the remedy served by ROinvesting. Several trading accounts support that process, and it translates into money when trading CFDs.

How Safe is it to Trade with ROinvesting?

The ROinvesting broker is the safest trading portal you’ll find around, and it ticks all the points that substantiate that the brokerage company is here to serve. The broker has a license, registration and a respectable and renowned regulatory authority. That stamps the mark that people can have faith in it and get delivered what they deserve and want to achieve as profits.

The license number of ROinvesting: 269/15

Registration number of ROinvesting: HE 336694

Regulatory authority: CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission)

Address: City Home 81, Limassol Avenue, 3rd Floor, 128-30, 2015, Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus.

You can find all details on the home page of a broker. Such transparency is a gem and reassures traders that their money will remain safe. Also, trading opportunities will surge as they gain experience.

Best education opportunity for traders

ROinvesting specialises in providing the best education and informational material to all its traders. The education option empowers you as a trader, pulls new thoughts of implementation and protects you from palpable risks in the financial market.

The education centre packs nutrition for all experienced and fresher traders who have a penchant for moving ahead in the direction of financial trading.

You can subscribe to the knowledge enhancing material for free. After registration, accessing them all becomes easy.

The latest and power-packed information comes in different packages:-

· Assets hubs

· Trading articles

· Trading courses

Besides, you can summon VODs and ebooks to seek valuable knowledge about the market.

Retail investor accounts on ROinvesting

Accounts are the heartbeats of any broker and they provide facility to traders as per their requirements and capabilities. There are potential benefits by trading with the following accounts that mitigate any risks. There are multiple levels of trading accounts for all clients. The basis is size, volume and experience in trading forex liquidity provider.

The classification is into Silver Account, Gold Account and Platinum Account.

Silver Account

For a beginner, there cannot be a perfect start without the Silver Account in place. You get enough features and services as a trader to learn and grow gradually. The risk factor here tends to zero, and gains are higher. You have to spend a little, and there’s enough time to plan and execute them in the market.

However, the choice of assets here are massive, and you can trade them at your comfort; that’s the added advantage.

Features of Silver Account

· Minimum spread points are 28

· Zero commission on deposits

· More than 350 assets available

· Get 20+ webinars and videos for enhancing trading knowledge

· Full support of customer care

Services of Silver Account

· Islamic Account is available for Muslims with exceedingly great features.

· Fifth decimal for better prospect and liquidity.

· Hedging to avoid losses and turn every market situation into an opportunity.

· Full 10-hour support.

Gold Account

When you are confident enough to step further after gaining some experience, then Gold Account is your next destination. You find features upgraded and services remarkable. They are laced with better spreads and global trading grounds, which expose you to different markets. You can trade CFDs on a variety of assets.

Features of Gold Account

· There’s no withdrawal commission. So, withdraw as many funds as you require after making profits.

· The spread points available here is 20.

· Get 25 per cent swap discount and save extra money.

· Zero deposit commission.

· Margin call is 100 per cent

· Stop out is 50 per cent

· Maximum leverage is 1:400 for professional clients

Services of Gold Account

· A dedicated Account Manager is available

· Full ten-hour support

· Islamic Account is there for Muslims with fleeting opportunities.

· Get the best webinars and videos for enhancing information

· Catch up hedging and convert your losses into gains

Platinum Account

When you have graduated from Gold Account and wish to continue with post-graduation into the financial market, then Platinum Account awaits with both arms open. Here, you have plenty of options, features and funds to invest in the market.

If you want to master the art of trading like no other, then the format presented by ROinvesting through Platinum Account is brilliant.

Features of Platinum Account

· No deposit limits for traders

· Spread in points is 18

· Maximum leverage for professional traders is 1:500

· The swap discount is 50 per cent here. It means extra money saved

· Account currencies include GBP, EUR, USD.

· Execution model: MT4Cent, MT4NCC etc.

Services by Platinum Account

· Islamic Account is available for Muslims

· Free VPS for clients

· It affords to hedge for every trader

· A dedicated account manager

· Full ten-hour support

· Get news alert

· Videos and webinars

· Fifth decimal for customers

Customer care support on ROinvesting

A distressed customer can connect with helpers of ROinvesting brokers in various ways. Executives here are well trained and constantly look forward to rendering support to people who cross the path. Interestingly, they have answers to all your queries, and that’s the broker is achieving success day and day out.

For connecting with them, use their landline numbers. The reply is swift, and it saves you from queuing up. Thus, the infrastructure of the broker is on point and vast. Similarly, the live chat option and email provide you replies at your convenience. That’s the added advantage. Besides, you can leave a message on the website. That can help you get traction from higher authorities.

So, if you have any issues concerning a trading account, demo account, trading platforms, minimum deposit scheme, mobile trading, financial markets or the high risk pertaining, reach out to the broker for all solutions.

Trading platforms on ROinvesting

The broker is high up there when it comes to the finest trading platforms for trading. WebTrader and Mobile App are two of the highly equipped platforms that the brokerage company backs and delivers some fantastic results.


If you want to feel the might of trading in the financial market, use the WebTrader services offered by ROinvesting. It is the finest CFD trading platform that you’ll encounter. A trader gets floored with investment advice that protects client funds and rescues them from forex scams.

It offers an extra accent when it comes to the security of money, and that wins the hearts of traders. You can utilize your favorite browsers and access the broker.

Here are some scintillating features

· In-built analytical instruments

· Live chat option

· Get multi-lingual support

· Real-time balance level

· Full customization support

· 1 click account switching

· One-click operations for placing orders, limits, and trading.

· Get a variety of trade executions

· 30+ analytical toolkit

· Keep track of the history of orders and earn from past errors.

Mobile App

If you travel a lot and cannot manage time to trade, then the Mobile App platform by ROinvesting is compatible with all your needs. You can access all markets of finances and

remain updated through an internet connection and smartphone device. A trader can find all desktop features enable on the application and contact the broker anytime through it.

You can download it through Apple or Google PlayStore. Thus, it is available at your fingertips.

Some striking features of mobile app

· Access trading on more than 350 assets at anytime

· Inherent platform support

· Real-time balance level

· Multilingual support

· Alert about trade news and events

· Superb technical indicators

Conclusion: The broker offers forex trading, stock trading, index trading, cryptocurrency trading, mobile trading, commodity trading and CFD trading to all traders. The brokerage company offers ease, technical indicators and education alert with updates to keep you going in every circumstance. ROinvesting is the safest broker around that has ample potential and benefits for traders. High leverage and low risk are the main motto of the brokerage firm.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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