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PennyWorks Announces CryptoXpress Investment in Treasury Management Capabilties

PennyWorks recently commenced an offering of its short-term notes which are positioned to play an important role in treasury management and alternative investment strategies for small and midsize businesses.

Hoboken, NJ – August 9, 2022 – PennyWorks, an investing platform that tames the turbulence of investing by offering access to high-yield, low-risk, DeFi-based fixed income products, today announced the recent purchase of its PennyWorks notes by investor CryptoXpress, which provides passive exposure to crypto assets for investors.

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The PennyWorks notes, offered through HybridFi Lending LLC, have drawn interest from a number of businesses and organizations seeking stable yields, increased investment income, and minimal lock-up periods. The variable denomination notes bear interest at a floating rate which ranges based on various factors and presently allow qualified businesses the ability to earn up to 6% APY.

“Small and midsize businesses have begun to dip their toes into alternative financing options, and the PennyWorks notes are positioned to play an important role in this migration as they offer qualified investors a convenient way to invest directly and earn a competitive interest rates with no long term commitment,” said Ivan Zhang, CEO and Co-Founder of PennyWorks. “We’ve been pleased to provide a competitive investment alternative to investors, and thrilled by the positive response so far from innovative institutional investors and businesses like CryptoXpress who believe that their investments ought to deliver more.”

As the digital asset ecosystem matures, so does the ability of market participants to offer alternatives to traditional finance instruments, some of which are designed to offer the same level of security and stability.

”Cash flow is incredibly important for businesses particularly during high inflationary periods and market downturns,” said CryptoXpress CEO, Kenny Kline. “We are continuously seeking smart strategies to increase the value of the cash held in our business treasury. The PennyWorks notes are the right product at the right time — offering the ability to earn interest with essentially no lockup period — the notes have strengthened our risk management capabilities.” Kline serves as an advisor to, and investor in, HybridFi Inc.

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The PennyWorks platform offers accredited investors access to certain securities offerings, including the PennyWorks notes. The PennyWorks platform is owned and operated by HybridFi Inc., and recently closed a $2 million pre-seed funding round led by Hi2 Global.





For the sophisticated investor who believes their financial relationship ought to deliver more, PennyWorks tames the turbulence of investing with a secure and stable experience. Founded in 2021, PennyWorks is an investing platform that offers access to high-yield, low-risk, DeFi-based fixed income products through HybridFi Lending LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of HybridFi Inc., the parent and operator of the pennyworks.com site. To learn more about PennyWorks, please visit https://www.pennyworks.com/.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.