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Paladin Pandas Launch $BAMB After US$4 Million Fundraise


HONG KONG, April 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OHDAT-affiliated NFT game Paladin Pandas launched $BAMB (ERC-20 token) on April 6th. Paladin Pandas is one of the first play-to-earn NFT game projects that has completed the launch of their game and token.

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A hand-drawn 10K NFT collection launched on Opensea September 28th 2021, Paladin Pandas sold out in 32 minutes. It was ranked No. 6 on the daily volume leaderboard, No.13 on the weekly volume leaderboard and featured on the OpenSea homepage.

This led to recognition from established VCs and OHDAT raised funding totalling US$4M from Future Capital, Hashkey Capital, Innoangel, Y2Z Capital, Vincent Niu, founder of Sky9 Capital and Mandy Wang, founder of Odaily, for launching new projects and implementing the Open World social simulation game and MMORPG game, highlighted on their Roadmap 2.0.

The Paladin Pandas Journey so far

On January 25th, Paladin Pandas launched ‘PvE game Space Expedition’, where players strategically put Pandas into teams of 3 to retrieve the lost $BAMB (Bamboonium) through battles and mini-games.

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On March 9th, PvP: ‘Panda v. Panda’ open demo was officially released, a 1V1 3D combat game for true gamers. Players pay $BAMB to enter the arena and loot more $BAMB from other players (with 48 weapons and 7 basic moves in 21 stages).

Mandatory to use a Paladin Panda to enter the game, so as to extend the user base to more NFT gamers, non-holders can also rent Pandas by paying $BAMB. The rental limit for each Panda is 2x for PvE and 3x for PvP.

Besides being an in-game currency, $BAMB has several utilities including staking, Power Raffle, whitelist marketplace, merch store, in-game marketplace boosts, and more.

To celebrate the $BAMB launch, the OHDAT team will incentivize Panda owners with 2 airdrops. First, 60 Rent Tickets will be dropped to 30K new addresses for mining the game, for their first run. Second, 1.5% of the overall supply, totaling 7.5M $BAMB will be airdropped to all Panda holders. Prioritizing fun gaming features, Paladin Pandas aims for $BAMB to be a “blue chip token” in the NFT market over the long term.

Paladin Pandas LinksOpensea: https://opensea.io/collection/paladin-pandasTwitter: https://twitter.com/Paladin_PandasDiscord: http://discord.gg/paladin-pandasWebsite: https://paladinpandas.comTokenomics: https://paladin-pandas.gitbook.io/usdbamb-tokenomics/Contact: [email protected]

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.