• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

NYX Soulmate Launches Match for Web3

NYX Soulmate

NYX Soulmate utilizes a proprietary A.I. and hard science to match users based on who they are, not how they look.

NYX, a Web3 startup leveraging NFTs, is excited to announce the launch of Soulmate, an AI-powered match platform for Web3.

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NYX Soulmate utilizes a proprietary artificial Intelligence (AI), and hard science to match users based on who they are, not how they look.

R. Lee, Chief Executive Officer at NYX Soulmate, said:

“Web3 avatars and PFPs are nothing but empty shells if they can’t convey to Metaverse entities who we are. Immersion is incomplete without individuation. NYX opens up a world of possibilities towards the individuation of web3 experiences by way of (through) matchmaking.”

Each Soul NFT contains biodata that the AI uses to suggest compatible matches. The platform also rewards participants when they choose to interact socially.

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Zr0, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at NYX Soulmate, said:

“We want to leverage web3 to make a positive impact on the fight against the loneliness epidemic.”

Leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, SOUL NFTs can be privately owned and integrated across platforms. It breaks the silo, creating a layer of socialization that can be experienced by the user in any NFT community, game or metaverse of their choice.

Soulmate takes users through a process of self-discovery, incorporates fine art into the experience and suggests like-minded people to connect.

Su, Chief Data Scientist at NYX Soulmate, said:

“If we look at references like Ready Player One or Snow Crash, they predict a Metaverse that doesn’t rely on selfies. We are building a matchmaking AI to support that.”

Key features and benefits of NYX Soulmate:

  • A way to personalize the web3 ‘face’ you show in the Metaverse.
  • Make connections with like-minded individuals through matchmaking algorithms.
  • Network in business and personal endeavors with a more informed knowledge of others in the Soulmate ecosystem.
  • Own the companion fine art PFP with traits directly informed by your personality.
  • Custom built discord serving as a town square to Web3 communities. The first server with cross functional networking capabilities.

More details about NYX Soulmate are available on their website.

For the full press kit, including images, please click here.


About NYX Soulmate NYX Soulmate is a scientific, yet fun and easy way to make connections in the metaverse. It utilizes game theory, a proprietary AI, and hard science to make introductions based on who people are, not how they look.

NYX is a team of Silicon Valley alumni who are addressing the hurdles of socialization in Web3. In a space that is experiencing a sometimes chaotic hyper-growth, NYX wants to supply the tools that help users navigate this new social landscape, making meaningful connections along the way. https://www.nyxsoul.ai/

Meet the team: https://www.nyxsoul.xyz/#Team-section

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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