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NFL Players Who’ve Been Arrested Since Graduating From College


Football Players

NFL players often get arrested, charged or convicted for crimes ranging from DUI to assault. Yet, some high profile athletes continue to play in the league despite their criminal history.  This article is going to give you former and current professional footballers that had been arrested since graduating college and found out what happens when you join the NFL. First, sign up for real money pokies gaming and stand a chance to get massive wins.

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Adrian Peterson

Peterson was drafted at number one overall in 2007 by the Minnesota Vikings and he went on to become an all-pro running back. In 2011, he was suspended for 12 games due to child abuse accusations. After his return in 2012, he rushed for 1,485 yards. On October 25th, 2016, Peterson was indicted on two counts of felony aggravated child abuse after being accused of hitting his four-year-old son with a switch. Did you know that at real money casinos nz you can bet on your favorite football play or soccer team?

Ricky Williams

Williams played for many different teams including the New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins, Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills during his career as a wide receiver. Williams was also a Heisman Trophy finalist while playing for the University of Texas. Williams had a checkered past where he has received a lot of legal problems throughout his career.  In 2008, Williams plead guilty to misdemeanour battery charges that stemmed from an incident involving a female friend who claimed that she was raped. However, Williams continued to claim it was consensual. After completing community service, Williams was placed on probation for 6 months. The next year, Williams was again arrested for public intoxication.

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Randy Moss

Moss was first picked fifth overall by the Oakland Raiders in 1998. He went on to win three Super Bowls which included two rings with the Patriots and another with the San Francisco 49ers. During his time with the NFL, Moss has racked up nine 100+ yard receiving seasons and holds the record for most touchdown receptions in a single season (21). During his last season in 2005, Moss pleaded no contest to a domestic violence charge, stemming from an altercation with a girlfriend in 2002. He served just two days in jail and paid $10,000 in fines.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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