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New Voyager DeFi Fund is a First of its Kind Secured Trustology’s Institutional Custody Platform

LONDON, Sept. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Regulated investment advisor Lima Capital LLC and financial services advisory and consulting company Bakari AG today announce the launch of their new Voyager High Yield DeFi Fund—the first of its kind. The product offers the benefits of blockchain-based investment opportunities through the security of a mutual fund, secured by institutional crypto custody provided by Trustology.

The low US$ interest rate environment has driven investors to search for alternative yield opportunities, and with the explosion in demand on Decentralised Finance (DeFi) protocols leading to higher interest rates, attractive risk-adjusted opportunities can be found in this technologically sophisticated market. The barrier to entry, however, has been high. There are many regulatory, operational and security issues to solve before delivering a DeFi-based investment solution. With these issues solved by the experienced teams at Lima Capital LLC and Bakari AG, Voyager is unique in its offering.

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The Voyager High Yield DeFi fund follows a conservative strategy that minimises risk exposure while capitalising on blockchain-enabled income opportunities. This is achieved through the utilisation of proven DeFi protocols to earn interest on US$ pegged stablecoins; assets that do not inherit the volatility associated with cryptocurrencies, i.e. bitcoin (BTC) or ether (ETH), but that still make use of the underlying networks.

The fund managers and analysts are responsible for ensuring that acceptable levels of technology-based risk are not exceeded and that only protocols meeting the established standards are utilised.

The Fund is suitable for investors seeking capital protection and compound growth on US$.

To ensure that the fund follows an approved and regulated operational model, Voyager has partnered with market-leading third parties and service providers. For safeguarding and administering cryptoassets, the fund has partnered with London-based crypto custody solutions provider, TrustologyTheir hardware-secured scalable infrastructure enables the fund to interact with DeFi protocols in a manner that mirrors the specifications of the investment mandate. “Proud to have been chosen by a DeFi pioneering fund such as Voyager High Yield as their crypto custodian partner to safeguard and securely manage their investors’ cryptoassets across fund-approved DeFi protocols. With DeFi evolving at lightning speed, we look forward to supporting our customers’ emerging needs for L2 and beyond,” notes Trustology Founder and CEO Alex Batlin.

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In terms of a 1:1 US$ to digital asset exchange, the fund utilises the minting technologies developed by Boston-based Circle Internet Financial, which globally is the largest regulated and transparent stablecoin issuer of USDC tokens.

Finally, Moore Cayman, a firm with market-leading cryptocurrency experience, is appointed as the auditor overseeing the full operation to the benefit of the investor. “We are pleased to be growing our offering with other well-known service providers in the digital asset space,” says David Walker, Managing Partner at Moore Cayman.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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