MSI crams an unlocked, desktop-class Core i9 into its new laptop

Pushing the chip beyond its limits will require some supreme cooling, so the GT76 comes with four fans and 11 heat pipes. MSI says the GT76 will generate more than twice the airflow, although neglected to mention what unit it was using for comparison.

On the graphics front, the GT76 will pack a GeForce RTX 2080, which packs dedicated ray tracing and tensor cores. That’s not the best available, the 2080 Ti holds that title, but it’s still a very powerful piece of kit for a laptop.

MSI is talking up the car-inspired design of the GT76, as well as lighting on both the keyboard and the underside of the chassis. Right now, however, we don’t know much about pricing or availability, but you can expect it to be high and soon.

MSI GE65 gaming laptop

At the same time, MSI is welcoming the GE65 Raider, the latest entry in the series, which swaps out the seventh-generation Intel CPU for a ninth-generation model. You’ll get the option of a new Core i9 and “the latest RTX graphics,” as well as a far faster display, which leaps from 120Hz to 240Hz, and WiFi 6.

We’re still waiting to hear back on some of the specifics, and will update this when we do.

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