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MathLabs Ventures is Poised to Launch its First Quant-Driven Bitcoin Futures ETF

 In the Wake of SEC Approvals Next Week

MathLabs Bitcoin Strategy ETF aims to track companies that hold a majority of their net assets in Bitcoin or derive a majority of their profit or revenue from Bitcoin-related activities like mining, lending, or manufacturing mining equipment. “On day 1 we launch as an ETF of ETF’s comprising of the 3 major Bitcoin Futures ETF’s getting SEC approval next week” says Priyanca Ford, Founder at MathLabs Ventures


Priyanca Ford, Founder at MathLabs Ventures

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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 15, 2021– The great Bitcoin stock-market rotation is revitalizing a $2.4 trillion corner of quantitative investing, and MathLabs Ventures is handing individual investors & ETF managers a rare opportunity to outperform the Cryptocurrency markets.


MathLabs Ventures has a number of Systematic strategies wrapped up in exchange-traded funds. “The SEC is likely to allow the first U.S. Bitcoin futures ETF to begin trading next week, in what would be a watershed moment for crypto. AI-Driven smart-beta products by our team at MathLabs have been widely used and thoroughly tested by Cryptocurrency Investors for the last nine years. We are excited to be part of the first wave of U.S. Bitcoin futures ETFs by launching our MathLabs Bitcoin Strategy ETF which is essentially an ETF or ETF,” says Priyanca Ford, Founder at MathLabs Ventures.

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Investors betting on a post-pandemic world are sending cash to riskier companies acutely sensitive to the economic cycle — led by the famed resurgence in the value factor. And as the safety trade in Big Tech eases, equity gains are broadening and popular allocation styles like momentum are rebounding.

All that means the smart-beta industry, which touts the virtues of diversification, is looking particularly smart.


Founded by Harvard + MIT mathematicians writing custom trading algorithms on a quantum computer all day.

MathLabs Venture’s Quantitative Algorithms have returned 72.37% versus the S&P 500 in the last 4 years by investing in companies that are involved in the development and production of Robots, Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence aimed at benefiting humanity.​ ​MathLabs Ventures invests only about a quarter of its $1.74 billion total assets in U.S. equities. The rest is invested in UK & Asia. Our minimum investment is $10 million, expense ratio 0.48% + pay a dividend.​


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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