Learn how to build tomorrow’s AI breakthroughs with this comprehensive $79 bundle

From self-driving cars on the road to that little digital assistant hiding inside your smartphone, the impact of artificial intelligence is everywhere, and it’s only going to get more advanced and prevalent as time goes on. You can learn how to build your own AI and break into this exploding industry with the training in the Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master Class Bundle, now on sale for $79, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals.

Across more than 80 hours of instruction, students are introduced to the concepts behind machine learning and the remarkable tools that make it possible. As you explore the ways machines can be trained to learn and adapt on their own, you’ll also see how that technology can be applied across the business world in sectors as varied as healthcare, finance, and basic customer service.

With instruction in Python, data analytics and tools like TensorFlow, you’ll have the foundations to construct your own artificial neural networks and literally help computers think for themselves.

Heady stuff, but once you grasp the tenets of this training, you can join an exclusive (and well-paid) career track with loads of growth opportunities across the coming years. This course collection retails for nearly $1,600, but with this limited time offer, the whole package is available now for just $79.

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