Leading European and Ukrainian Charity Foundations Announced – The Zelenskiy NFT

The innovating first time used ChariFi concept will help to monetize charitable experience for people.

KYIV, Ukraine, May 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, people from all over the world are trying to find ways to support people affected by the events. Multiple organizations and communities do their part to provide aid for Ukrainian refugees or people in danger zones. And there are ones who have put the most innovative technology to service for this charitable goal: IamUkraine studio, which develops the Zelenskiy NFT project – an NFT collection dedicated to historical events in Ukraine and the bravery of its people.

The team behind the Zelenskiy NFT, IamUkraine studio, has experience in creating scalable NFT projects based on blockchain technology. In the past, their members have worked with leading startups and Fortune500 companies. Now they united their efforts for the most important goal: creating an NFT ecosystem that will help change people’s lives for the best and improve the conditions of those who are suffering from the consequences of war.

The Zelenskiy NFT collection was created to laud the heroism and solidarity of the Ukrainian people and President Zelenskiy as their national leader in the face of war. The project aims to bring global support to the humanitarian cause and give people around the world a meaningful way to help Ukraine. The collection consists of 10 000 unique procedurally generated artworks, and each of them represents President Zelenskiy in various styles and images, celebrating the diversity and unity of the Ukrainian nation.

The Zelenskiy NFT is built with the idea of *ChariFi at its core and is the first project of its kind. The idea is to make good deeds rewarded, allowing people to help Ukraine while acquiring unique NFTs or community benefits. The NFTs can be acquired in three ways. First, there is a whitelist pre-sale of 2000 NFTs, which starts on 31.05, then the public mint sale, which opens on 01.06, and finally, the community mint, which will be conducted from 02.06 and will be used to reward war heroes, active community participants and different contests winners. 7500 NFTs will be available through public mint sale, and 500 more are reserved for the community mint.

A significant part of the funds raised through the NFT auctions will be directed toward various humanitarian organizations that help Ukrainians affected by war. Part of the funds will be distributed among established Ukrainian charities, and another one – among charities and support initiatives in the European Union. The initiative of The Zelenskiy NFT was supported by multiple charity and medical organizations in Ukraine and abroad, including Stand With UkraineThe Right To LifePeople’s CoalitionMed-SoyuzDonorUASartlifeUkranian Will MovementRazomBALU and many others. Their activities encompass a multitude of issues, from helping children affected by war and providing food and medical supplies to people in danger zones, to raising funds for Ukrainian defense forces.

The remaining funds will be used to further develop and support the project. It is important to note, that the project is developed with a long-term view. According to its roadmap, there are spectacular plans after the public launch, which is to be expected at the beginning of June.

After the initial mint sale, the project creators. IamUkraine studio is going to develop it further, growing it into a whole ChariFi ecosystem, with its DeFi products, services and native ecosystem’s token ZELIK (ZLK), that will serve the initial purpose: to further support humanitarian work, conclude partnerships with more charity foundations and medical institutions and forge partnerships with famous brands.

The royalty fees will be distributed in a similar way. Part of royalty fees will be distributed among NFT holders on a weekly basis. From the 10% royalty fee, 4% will go towards Ukrainian and EU Charities, while others will be used to support the development and the sustainability of the project. Thus, it will continue to bring benefits to charity organizations after the initial mint.

The Zelenskiy NFT is an impressive example of how innovative technology can be used to unite the people for a good cause. We believe that it not only celebrates the fortitude of the Ukrainian people in this historical moment and unites people in a global effort for helping them but also paves the road for more ChariFi projects in the future.

For more information about The Zelenskiy NFT project please visit zelenskiynft.com or follow on TwitterTelegram or Instagram.

Glossary :

*ChariFi – The term is derived from two words, Charity and Finance. It is used to refer to blockchain projects that monetize the charitable experience. The essence of the idea boils down to the following: the user can make a profit by being involved in various charitable programs and for doing good deeds.

About The Zelenskiy NFT

A collection of 10,000 unique Zelenskiy’s NFT was created to eternalize the historic efforts and courage showcased by the Ukrainian people and  President Zelensky. Purpose-built collection to aid Ukrainian refugees and humanitarian causes with expansive community benefits. Unique artform and generative representation to show worldwide support towards Ukraine. Curated to go beyond the NFT space and present a lasting historical insight into the insurmountable courage of Ukraine.

About IamUkraine

IamUkraine Studio, pioneer and developer of the world’s first ChariFi concept, is a blockchain initiative launched to provide supportive assistance to global communities through digital art. The project brings together artistic representation with a strong social cause to empower struggling communities and help them overcome adversity. The IamUkraine will launch the Zelenskiy’s NFT Collection on 31 May 2022.Website: https://www.zelenskiynft.com

Leading European and Ukrainian Charity Foundations Announced - The Zelenskiy NFT 1

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