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KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange to Close Operations in New York

Walter Swift

ByWalter Swift

Dec 15, 2023

KuCoin, the premier cryptocurrency firm, has agreed to cease operations for users in New York. Also, KuCoin has committed to pay a hefty $22 million fee to settle a lawsuit initiated by the state.

This decision aligns with New York’s ongoing efforts to impose stricter regulations on companies operating in the digital currency space.

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In March, Letitia James, New York’s Attorney General, sued the crypto exchange for conducting operations without proper registration and engaging in unauthorized activities within the state.

New York has banned KuCoin from doing business and trading financial instruments within the state.

The move is part of a larger government initiative to fight fraud and other financial irregularities and protect investors.

Recently, the state pursued a lawsuit of over $1 billion against Genesis Global, citing investor deception. Genesis Global, however, refuted the allegations as unjust and baseless.

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Earlier, New York settled with CoinEx, a Hong Kong-based company, which paid $1.8 million for operating without the necessary regulatory approvals.

Prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry have faced legal challenges. The founder of FTX was embroiled in theft charges, while the founder of Binance admitted guilt for violating regulations related to preventing financial impropriety.

These cases underscore the intricate regulatory landscape within the cryptocurrency sector.

Under the terms of the agreement, KuCoin will disburse $22 million, including a $5.3 million fine to the state and a $16.7 million reimbursement to approximately 177,800 users based in New York.

Despite not holding the same stature as companies like Binance and Coinbase, the settlement demonstrates New York’s commitment to ensuring compliance among cryptocurrency firms with regulatory standards.

KuCoin Faces Several Regulatory Challenges

KuCoin, a prominent global player in crypto trading since its inception in 2017, has experienced remarkable growth with a user base exceeding 20 million across 200+ countries.

However, its unlicensed status in America poses unique challenges for American crypto enthusiasts.

Even though U.S. residents can sign up on KuCoin, uncertainties persist due to the platform lacking approval from regulators. This absence of regulatory backing raises concerns, including the potential for limited access to assets when the authorities impose stricter regulations.

American investors who rely on KuCoin for managing their crypto investments are concerned.

Additionally, KuCoin has faced regulatory issues in countries like the Netherlands and Canada, shedding light on the complexities of operating in ambiguous regulatory territories.

These regulatory uncertainties pose challenges for investors seeking stability and compliance when selecting a secure and reliable platform for their crypto transactions.

New York Sets Crypto Regulatory Standards

As the financial hub of the U.S., New York boasts some of the most detailed crypto regulations in the country.

Almost six years after Bitcoin’s inception, the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) recognized the wide-reaching impact of the cryptocurrency industry.

The regulator established the “BitLicense” regulatory framework. Reactions to the move regulation have been mixed, with supporters appreciating its transparency despite its stringent nature, while critics label it harsh.

New York has led the way in crypto regulation in the U.S.

While some appreciate the clarity the rules bring, companies like Kraken have protested by withdrawing from the state.

The New York Department of Financial Services plans to impose even stricter restrictions on crypto coin listings, particularly those targeting regular customers, as outlined in updated guidelines released by the regulator on Monday.

Licensees would be required to evaluate the legal, reputational, and market risks of introducing new tokens.

Additionally, they’ll need to outline procedures for delisting tokens, according to proposals by NYDFS Superintendent Adrienne Harris.

Harris clarified that this new rule isn’t part of a widespread crackdown on the cryptocurrency industry but aims to ensure New Yorkers have a regulated pathway to engage in the virtual currency market.

She emphasized the importance of New York staying at the forefront of technological innovation through progressive regulation.

In February, the NYDFS expanded its capabilities to identify illicit activities related to cryptocurrencies, such as insider trading and market manipulation.

According to an August report by Coinbase, around 690 blockchain-based companies operate in New York, while approximately 19% of New Yorkers own cryptocurrency.

The data underscores the significance of New York’s position in both the crypto industry and the adoption of digital currencies among its residents.

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