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Know the Web3 Gaming Startup Investing in Crypto Play-to-Earn

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The gaming industry joined the buzz of blockchain games shortly after the start of the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. To many, it seemed that the ideal balance between amusement and remuneration had been discovered. You could make up to $500 each month by playing the average online game. As a consequence, games that allowed you to play and acquire cryptocurrency grew in demand.

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Play-to-Earn Crypto Games

The bull market has the cryptocurrency community in a frenzy as fresh concepts keep emerging. And today, whole guilds have developed, bringing together gamers and shrewd speculators on the lookout for the newest development in cryptocurrency gaming. The popular game Axie Infinity, which has 3 million monthly users, is in the lead.

However, the outcome of this whole story came pretty quickly. As soon as the influx of investments began to fall and the flow of new players started to shrink, the play-to-earn economy of crypto games immediately collapsed. The same Axie Infinity, as it turned out, could regularly provide income to old-timers only under constant replenishment by newcomers.

Subsequently, the attitude of the gaming fraternity abruptly changed for the worse, driving many participants to curtail their input in internet games since nobody now witnessed them as a dependable source of revenue. Thus, it is time to reexamine the value of blockchain for the gaming sphere. 

On the other side, due to the blockchain technology that has been implanted in it, crypto iGaming, which allows for the rapid topping up of accounts and withdrawal of winnings, is only augmenting in prevalence each year. Slots, online casino table games, and roulette are all available to play. Probably Fair Games, which employs blockchain technology as well, is the most celebrated of them.

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Ready Player DAO

One particularly impressive show of this is the Ready Player DAO (RPD). Promoting and training of blockchain gaming are amongst its main functions. The establishment proclaimed itself to be a play-to-earn business in 2022, with an approximated worth of $150 million. Those were its primary objectives. The value of the crypto assets required to fuel blockchain games swiftly rose due to their escalating fame.

Due to escalating sign-up costs, the flow of new participants dwindled as time passed, but enterprises already established in the market, such as RPD, witnessed a dramatic surge of fresh patrons. They had gathered tremendous in-game possessions in the shape of non-transferable tokens (NFTs), which provided them the opportunity to lend them to gamers. Rich Cabrera, a co-founder of RPD, notes that despite this, the game’s economy ultimately failed to operate correctly.

Consequently, the command of the corporation reconsidered the Web3 game structure (blockchain games), believing that intensifying the existing Web2 format would be a more sensible alternative. Arcade games, which have progressed due to the PC, and mobile games, which have progressed to a new level thanks to smartphones and tablets, are two remarkable demonstrations of the potency of such a plan. This study suggests that blockchain games have the possibility to greatly advance the sensation of having resources.

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Gaming Free Market

Any features that gamers must pay to access, such as characters, settings, items, and atmospheres, might be considered premium game elements. Offering these products may be quite profitable for video game creators. Yet, they frequently have limitations that prevent their transmission to outside parties.

Axie Infinity and other play-to-earn games have demonstrated that blockchain, which enables the tokenization of merchandise, is the most suitable option for applying the transmission of available assets. Cabrera states that this technology renders it feasible to construct an open market for digital games. It’s essential to recognize that this could meet the wishes of many gamers to interchange in-game resources without restraint.


At present, picking up an account that has already been elevated serves as a replacement for this ability. Despite numerous limitations, it is still flourishing presently for plain reasons. Virtually all games necessitate an abundance of energy to reach a definite grade, which supporters of web gaming who are youthful and have households don’t possess. They take part in games occasionally to change up the atmosphere and instead work, relax, and spend time with their relatives.



In order to avoid the grind and jump right into the excitement, many players are ready to spend high bucks. In reality, there is a thriving black market where players can purchase and trade in-game stuff including accounts, skins, and uncommon items.

Yet, the current situation restricts players’ options and treats them like simple collectors. Here comes Ready Player DAO to help. With its distinctive approach to Web3 games, this cutting-edge platform is revolutionizing the gaming industry. RPD is preparing the ground for blockchain-based gaming ventures by actively interacting with its gaming community. Including players in the creation process and producing video for YouTube and Twitch, Ready Player DAO is demonstrating that the future of online gaming is here.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.