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Key Difference Media Pitches Token Sale of ethbox

KEY Difference Media promotes ethbox’s upcoming token sale, supported by DuckDAO. ethbox, is an up and coming secure escrow service designed for ultimate security while DuckDAO is one of the most prestigious organizations in the blockchain space


Republic of Panama, Feb. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire)  “Every possibility brings with it an equal adversity; this is the balancing scale of business and life. But when you know the industry as we do, you can take risks as wild ducks do, to the delight of ducks in the community.” – KEY

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KEY Difference Media promotes ethbox’s upcoming token sale, supported by DuckDAO. ethbox, is an up and coming secure escrow service designed for ultimate security while DuckDAO is one of the most prestigious organizations in the blockchain space.

KEY Difference Media helps a business create an authoritative presence across the Internet with its full suite marketing campaign. Overhead expenses are reduced while delivering optimum results. Powered entirely by data, strategy planning takes the guesswork out of the picture.

Supporting ethbox will bolster the implementation of an innovative solution to completely alleviate any risk of loss while sending cryptocurrency. Transactions will be secured by incorporating encrypted two factor authentication into the puzzle.

Honed from calling the shots at 14 years old, Karnika E. Yashwant (Mr. KEY) recalls tips culled from 18 years experience when faced with another challenge like this forthcoming token sale.

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Establish trust

Trust comes because the information mentioned by the brand is validated by the viewer. Either by 3rd party recommendations like “Doctor recommended”, or social proof, or when it’s endorsed by others, or when we can state facts that they can verify, or other means of subtle trust building by the colors, shape, structure, words, and more.

Content Marketing positions one as an authority, a master, a mentor, someone who teaches. It positions one as stable, investing into the cause, consistent and disciplined. If done right, it brings out a lot of trust signs subconsciously and consciously.

Integrate that trust your messaging, marketing communication, and in all forms of content. Be clear on what you want to say and say it loud, over and over and reach your audience in channels they prefer, in content types that they like to consume.

You improvise; you grow

What you can do as a business owner is to plan for the best approach. What an expert can do is to use data, stats, experience, history and future projection, trends, timings to do the best that is required.

You will not hit your hard cap with these initial funds invested in marketing. That’s obvious. This is going to help you take further steps, position yourself strongly, validate in the market, and it will help to raise more funds to reinvest and repeat it until the hard cap is met. So it’s a cycle.

If you look at traditional companies, they do it with seed, angel, series A, B, and so on. In this case, you do it in shorter, faster rounds. But the goals are the same.

As funds come in, you grow faster. From there, you continue to raise even more funds. Yes, it’s wrong to raise more funds than what’s needed and it’s even worse to raise funds without progressing. In a traditional business environment, when you try to raise future funds, the new investors will evaluate your past progress to decide if it’s worth their risk. The same applies here.

Raising funds is a very valid model

Raising more funds is not bad by itself, but the premise that you can raise funds without showing much for it is wrong. As long as your business expenses are justified, progress is verifiable, growth is happening, raising funds is a very valid model to grow your business as every tech giant has done. But none of those tech giants raised it all in one sweep, but overtime.

More so now, to compete with other blockchain startups, traditional established non-blockchain business giants in the same niches, businesses or industries that will become obsolete with your product’s increased usage, etc., you do need more funds, but with time and progress.

At this point, the growth doesn’t need to just be on a product/research level, but should instead be focused on marketing and audience growth to create growth in community size and confidence.

Success is built one “right” step at a time, not just a series or random steps. Focus on the “right” steps. Every word matters, as it’s an opportunity to impress your brand in your audience’s mind.

One right step a day, and you can be above the clouds with a flag pole on the peak down the line.

At the time of this writing, there has been overwhelming feedback and great response from DuckDAO and the duck community over the ethbox Whitepaper, and testing the beta. In 24 hours nearly 10x private sale forms oversubscribed  (~8mil for 700k private sale).

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.