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ITTx in Partnership Talks with a Prominent Social Media App

HONG KONG, Feb. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a major development from the blockchain world, Infinite Tech Global Limited confirmed that it is in talks to strike a strategic partnership with an organization in the Social Media industry to expand the ITTx’s token utility and to support its blockchain ecosystem.

According to industry sources, the strategic partnership talks focuses on making the ITTx the “native token” on the company’s social media platform, enabling ITTx token holders to use ITTx tokens to make payments for purchases on the company’s platform, thereby making the ITTx token the dominant medium of exchange on the platform.

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The platform’s active daily user base is estimated at nearly 1 million, with over 4 million downloads and as such, it is widely believed that the establishment of a strategic partnership between ITTx and the platform would allow large numbers of non-crypto users to be onboarded, providing a huge boost to efforts to grow the ITTx’s community.

Any strategic partnership agreement is also likely to see comprehensive integration of the ITTx token into the organization’s social media APP or platform, which will bring up a new range of utility to the ITTx token.

Potential uses for the ITTx token on the platform would most probably include payments for ads and subscriptions, products, services and even commissions.

Establishment of a strategic partnership between Infinite Tech Global Limited and an organization with the above-mentioned size and scale in the Social Media industry will most definitely further accelerate the development of the ITTx and the growth of its user base, community and ecosystem on a whole.

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More significantly, it should be noted that enabling ITTx as a payment mode will have the effect of increasing market demand for the token, thereby driving increments to token value.

As such, such a strategic partnership will bring about greater overall growth for both Infinite Tech Global Limited as well as the ITTx token which will be beneficial members of the ITTx community.

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Website: https://www.infinite-tech.io

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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