Is This The Real Satoshi Nakamoto? (From the Archives)

While there have been many so-called “Faketoshis” who have claimed one way or the other that they are the real person behind the persona that invented Bitcoin, one person comes to mind with a unique aspect to his story; James Caan otherwise known as James Bilal Caan.

 Now though, James Caan has been vilified by many in the World at-large and the crypto space, his story deserves a second telling and Ivy McLemore of Ivy McLemore & Associates who is easily one of the most prestigious Cryptocurrency and Blockchain public relations experts sat down with James Caan who had a retelling of his story again but this time from a neutral perspective.

In a rare first-ever Video appearance, James Caan sat with Ivy McLemore and discussed several issues including his backstory and current and future projects he is working on at the moment were discussed.

Influence No. 1: His Father

Apparently, according to James, his first influence was his father who worked within the Pakistani financial system.

“….As a kid, my Father was in United Bank…and my father used to tell me stories of a Pakistani guy who thought globally”.

 He also spoke about some sort of beckoning unto greatness.

“I always had this global vision, I never thought of the local stuff.”

All Children have this drive …it is what they do about it that counts.

Influence No. 2: BCCI’s Failure

In 1991 the Bank of Credit and Commerce International which was founded by Agha Hassan Abedi failed. 

This was a big deal in Pakistan and internationally at the time. 

“…everyday I used to think about how can I revive BCCI in a better way…”

He had also registered under his birthname Bilal Khalid which gives further credence to the above statement of him wishing to revive BCCI. 

The Satoshi Question

James knows his stuff about the Japanese Satoshi Sumita who was the Japanese Central Bank Governor during the easy credit era in the 1980s which later reversed leading the Japanese economy into recession.

James further referred to Hal Finney’s work on reusable proof-of-work which for him now as Satoshi was the “missing piece”.

So, according to him after contacting Hal who asked: “Satoshi who?” Nakamoto just came naturally.

So, the two started working together apparently and Caan said he went back to check the name Nakamoto against numerological sequences which are a big deal for many people from that part of the World. 

It pointed to the number 55 which in many numerology circles is one of the luckiest numbers in Chaldean numerology.

Then James also referred to the criminal Satoshi who he gives credit for not alleging that he is the Satoshi that created Bitcoin.

And he credited Hal Finney as being the one who believed in his vision when no one else would. 

James even referred to him as “ My Steve Wozniak” which indicates his attachment to the story behind the founders of Apple Inc.

As to Hal’s initial skepticism on Bitcoin’s workability Caan says his reply was:

“ …Sometimes its not about technology. It’s about how you perceive that technology…”

He further acknowledged the contributions of the open-source community saying

“After Hal, many great people came in…”

About the Bitcoin Whitepaper

Speaking as one with copywriting skills, James said something fundamental about the whitepaper that himself as Satoshi (supposedly) wrote on October 31st, 2008.

“My belief was if you want to approach a common person, you’ve got to be very simple…” 

which itself is a reference to the Flesch-Kincaid tests and other tools which measure simplicity of speech either oral or written.

The Genesis Block

When speaking about the Times headline left by Satoshi Nakamoto on January 3rd, 2009, Caan said:

“…I left that headline to say that you know one day, the Bitcoin is going to bail out the banks… bail out the system…”

The Missing Bitcoins

Now, it is public knowledge that Satoshi Nakamoto mined give or take a Million Bitcoin (the amount varies depending on who you ask). Caan came up with this explanation.

“…The coins I mined were like all in one computer. When I mined it I did not want to leave anything on the remote computers…”

It is not uncommon even today for people to keep the access keys and the seed phrases to their coins in one place. That is for those who are want to have physical control over their digital assets.

He also referred to his having bought a Fujitsu laptop which had “military-grade encryption” and swapping the laptop’s hard drives.

He also referred to his working late nights when he left the laptop switched on one fateful evening.


“…I remember leaving my computer on and in the morning, it was like a blank screen…”

Many have always claimed or asked the question that if he is so much into computers, why couldn’t he just retrieve his data from the hard drive. Well, he answered that here:

“…I did not think for a second that it was a hard drive issue…”

And the hard drive being encrypted was virtually useless with the techies that handled the repairs. 

According to him, he sent the laptop back to the service company for repairs while claiming the warranty on it and it was the hard drive rather than the other faults he suspected at first.

The IT company had given him 48 hours for the replies after diagnosis but his firm instructions to was:

“…don’t touch the hard drive…”

When he got in touch with the repair company, apparently the hard drive was the problem and was “totally dead” which Caan claims provoked some unprintable reactions from him.

According to him, he didn’t think much of it until “…the reality started dawning…” and he started to “feel” that he had “…let Hal Finney down…”, the whole cryptocurrency community and Bitcoin community down as well.

For him in his own perspective, it was the “ego” that prevented him from talking about the loss of his Bitcoins. This according to him led him to say:

“…keep that wallet…”

This led to a crescendo in his life and his involvement in the Bitcoin project before things started taking off for him again.

He got married and settled down in the UK even when Bitcoin started gaining notoriety as being a mode of payment for criminals prompting his wanting to remain hidden beside the Andersen CIA episode as well.

“…. Bitcoin for me was a Liability…I just wanted to run away…”

He then began working in the NHIS in the UK after leaving the Bitcoin project.

His reason was “[to] serve the common people” but not on the Bitcoin scale.

On his deciding to come forward to identify himself as being Satoshi, Caan indicated that:

“…I realized that Bitcoin was not in good hands…”

According to him, even though his last e-mail as Satoshi indicated that Bitcoin was in good hands, there were those he didn’t “see [coming] “who are the ones he wants out of the system.

“…I did not create it for the third-parties…”

He further continued that even at 2015, he wasn’t particularly interested in Bitcoin’s rise but then he now realized that:

“…it started to dawn on me that I loved what I created…”

He continued that:

“….I felt pain for everyone who somehow became a victim of Bitcoin…”

After much personal deliberation and anticipating the public backlash, he decided to come out and talk about being Satoshi and “not caring” about what people will think of him.

After talking about giving everyone the last nine years to do better he said:

“…Now is the time for me to come back…”

He further spoke about going to new lows in his life having lost out in the Bitcoin project and he even contemplated suicide at some point.

But he picked himself up and continued living.

“…This time I’m not here to prove anything. I am here to prove to myself what I am capable of…”

He continued:

“Now is the time to move forward…to take Bitcoin to the next level..”

Which is an obvious reference to the new projects he is working on at the moment

Tabula Rasa

Caan’s new Tabula Rasa project has three components: Bitcoin V1 which he claims is a restoration of the original Bitcoin protocol, Bitcoin V1 Wallets, Bitcoin V1 Miners and the Bitcoin v1 Ambassadors Network and a curious feature known as the “vault” which will allow the locking of Bitcoins. More on the project will be covered in the future with another story.

Our Source

When Michael Jones of Ivy McLemore & Associates reached out to the management company of E-Crypto News about this story and his indication that this should be published…it took us about three days of arguments back and forth on the merits and demerits of the story before we decided to talk about James albeit from a neutral point-of-view.

Our Editorial Position

Out of consideration for Mr. McLemore and his team at Ivy McLemore & Associates and the hard work that has gone into their bringing James Caan out and the verifications they have gone to great lengths to ensure some form of veracity of James’ story, we decided that telling the story will be something of a paradox: Should James Caan be truly Satoshi we would have been the first technology media organization to bring him out into the spotlight and should he not be Satoshi, we would still have ben the first to tell his story on this scale. Either way, the story has to tell itself. If James Caan is Satoshi Nakamoto as he claims, then he is back on the block and the new project will take off with the same acceptance that Bitcoin has had over the years. If he isn’t Satoshi Nakamoto then we would have been the first to expose another impostor.

We shall follow this story as it develops.

What do you think?

Is James Caan telling the truth? 

Is he Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of Bitcoin?

Please let us know in the comments below!

About the author

Christopher is the Blockchain/DeFi Editor for E-Crypto News he also writes frequently about Crypto Gaming and Gambling. He is the author of the book "Profitable Cryptocurrency Gambling and Gaming: A Complete Guide." A content developer, Crypto-Enthusiast, and tech-savvy individual. He is also a Superstar Content Developer, Strategy Demigod, and Standup Guy.

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