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The cryptocurrency industry, consequently the decentralized finance industry is rapidly evolving since its conceptualization. A growing number of fund managers and institutional investors have allowed crypto to thrive.

Many are still unaware of the industry and if they do, they think of BitCoin. Many have yet to discover the potential of cryptocurrency and DeFi. Upon understanding the industry, you can make it work to your advantage.

Allow us to introduce to you, Yield.App and how DeFi can help you to work towards financial freedom. Yield.App gives you easy access to investing in DeFi using either cryptocurrencies or traditional currencies.

The Yield.App opens up new and convenient ways to make it easier for new users to get on board by designing a streamlined DeFi process.

What Is Yield.App?

The Yield.App is a platform that brings DeFi to basically anyone with a smartphone. Yield offers you a platform designed to provide the easiest way to invest in DeFi using crypto regarding your financial or technological level of expertise.

Yield thinks about your convenience by offering you a simple and easy user experience. The ease of use makes the mobile and web applications function just like any other banking and/or payment app.

Upon signing up, you can choose a plan and an automated DeFi portfolio that is designed to maximize your yield by removing any steps that further complicate your entry into DeFi.

Yield generates its profits by pooling together its users’ investments and then diversifying this collection across many platforms and DeFi pools. In addition, Yield.App uses a process to calculate which DeFi pools to participate in for maximum profit with minimum risk.

Yield also has the YLD tokens which are a utility token specific for the app. You can use this to boost your APY on the platform for up to 20%. That’s not all because you can also earn interest on the token for simply holding on to it on your Yield.App.

Defining DeFi

What is DeFi? How does it work? Before the official conceptualization of DeFi, the idea of non-centralized finance was known as open finance. It is now called Decentralized Finance which is an umbrella term that describes decentralized tools and services employed within the blockchain.

These tools allow their users to lend, borrow, and swap their crypto assets securely without involving control by a single central party as opposed to traditional cryptocurrency trading that uses a centralized exchange.

It allows you to have a much easier and faster transaction by giving you direct control over your own money which is what makes DeFi so distinct. DeFi can cut out middlemen from every transaction that you make.

May it be as simple as a direct purchase and loans, to more complex things such as investments, derivatives, and even betting. DeFi is a fairly new field in the industry but it is highly encouraged for you to try and learn it.

Given the understanding of such can open up opportunities for you to earn healthy returns. Do take note that one wrong move can be costly.

The overall goal Yield when it comes to DeFi is to give its users an easy entry portal to the field which will not only save you your time and effort but also reduce risks as well.

Purposes of the Yield.App

Yield.App can be a big help if you want to start on your investment journey. Basically, Yield goes through hundreds of APIs and DeFi protocols daily which is run by a crypto-trading savvy team giving its users the best returns. The Yield platform basically offers you a new way of making your money work for you.

As mentioned earlier, the Yield.App aims to assist people towards financial freedom by providing you easy access to crypto and decentralized finance.

Yield also offers its users a chance to set up recurring payments making investing effortless. You’ll be rewarded with better interest rates than any bank around the world.

Trusted Partnerships

Yield.App has recently partnered with TrustSwap to aid their YLD token offerings. TrustSwap is a contract solution for large scale investments in token sales.

It provides you with four main options which include Investor Token Release and Time Team Locks where initial-round investors and development team have locked in tokens for a specific time period.

This is ensured to be immutable ang transparent so there’s no doubt about its fairness and trustworthiness.

TrustSwap start-ups allow you to mix and match token launch options in order for you to create a customized release schedule and format. You can either choose Early Access or Event-Based Payments contracts or simply pick one protocol to focus on.

BnkToTheFuture has also partnered with Yield.App in search of a well-structured DeFi platform. With that, BnkToTheFuture have propelled Yield in front of the blockchain sector’s biggest players in the industry.

Lastly is Yield’s partnership with DuckDAO, which is a community-based platform that allows investors to become a part of new projects early. DuckDAO is known to support hundreds of blockchains and DeFi start-ups.

Good news for Yield because their partnership with DuckDAO puts their name in front of a wider audience.

Why Choose Yield.App?

Now if you want reasons to choose Yield.App. Over other services, listen up. First off, Yield offers higher APY returns compared to other services in the market.

But Yield is more than just high returns because Yield’s approach to DeFi is in a way that minimizes risks. They make the downside volatility of liquidity provision is minimized.

Providing liquidity is a way for you to earn passive income with crypto rather than trading it.

The Yield.App is also managed by a team of experts in the industry name in the capital markets, fintech, cybersecurity, and blockchain technology.

It’s also worth mentioning that your assets are protected by BitGo, which is the leading custodian in the industry.

You don’t even have to worry about security because the platform itself is heavily regulated which operates under banking, securities, and asset management licenses.

In addition, the YLD Insurance Fund offers you further security to the platform’s audited infrastructure.


DeFi doesn’t need to be complicated. It should be simple and open to everyone and that is what Yield’s platform is all about. The goal of Yield is to make a DeFi platform that is accessible and

user-friendly. Users can just simply deposit funds, select an investment fund plan, and begin earning interest with just a few clicks.

With that being said, it is advisable that you do your own research on DeFi before diving right in. With proper knowledge and understanding, you can easily work it to your advantage and work your way easier up to financial stability.

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