Passive Income (PSI) Partners with OMI

MALAGA, Spain, May 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Passive income (PSI) is thrilled to announce a mutual partnership with OMNI to establish a new level of expertise in the tokenized real estate industry. The partnership will pave a way for the initiation of Europe’s first NFT real estate marketplace. This will also mark the beginning of a new era in the management of real estate property.

Passive Income (PSI) Partners with OMI 1

The integration of tokenized assets on an NFT marketplace will enable the assets to be instantly tradable. What’s more, the inherent features of blockchain technology will bring a new level of security to investors as open-source and immutable contracts cannot be corrupted or tampered with.

Additionally, the PSI – Omni partnership will also establish the first marketplace where more than 25,000 real estate assets can be bought with cryptocurrencies while generating yield for investors.

Background on Passive income (PSI)

Passive income is a new generation blockchain platform that aims to revamp yield generation in the decentralized finance sector. This is done by introducing a new concept of generating income in Defi in the form of decentralized financial Passive income.

Benefits of the Passive income project:

  • Zero claiming fees.

The Passive Income protocol automatically manages the distribution of rewards in its ecosystem. As such, users don’t have to pay extra fees to claim their rewards.

  • Effortless passive income.

Most yield generation protocols in the defi space require some sort of interaction with smart contracts or similar applications. With the passive income blockchain, however, users need only their wallet to start earning rewards. Upon connecting user wallets, rewards automatically appear and start compounding.

  • No risk of impermanent loss.

One of the most common yield farming methods in Defi is the provision of Liquidity wherein users earn transaction fees and sometimes additional tokens associated with the project in question. When impermanent loss is too high, LP providers might end up in a loss.

The PSI platform does not require users to provide liquidity to earn rewards. This completely eliminates the risk of impermanent loss.

All team members of the PSI project have a great deal of experience in the DeFi sectors and are well-positioned to handle various aspects of the project (management, development, marketing, etc). , And to prove its determination and commitment to revamping yield generation in defi, the project’s smart contract protocol was audited by solidity Finance, which is a very famous auditing company in the Defi sector

About the Omni Group.

The Omni Group is a well-known real estate investment and development company with a proven track record in providing first-class services to their tenants and, clients. With over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, the Omni Group personnel participate actively in every project through their hands-on approach.

In every step of their execution, be it design, construction, etc, the main focus is on added value for their customers.

The Group has a variety of properties such as medical, retail, residential, industrial, etc with an extensive background in all aspects of acquisition and development, not leaving construction, operations and management.

Closing thoughts

Decentralized Finance promises to make financial services available to everyone regardless of their location and PSI is here to make that process much easier. Having access to financial services is one thing and having a simple and effortless means to earn an income is something else, which is exactly where PSI stands out from other defi protocols.

Thanks to its frictionless and automatic process of claiming rewards, more people will be encouraged to join the DeFi space. This will, in turn, help to speed up the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Plus, their partnership with a renowned real estate company like the Omni Group will create a new connection between the real estate market and blockchain technology.

Media contact

Company: Passive Income

Contact: Bjorn Mattens, CEO



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SOURCE: Passive Income

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