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Ikigai Cashes Out $65 Million Claim from FTX’s Collapse

Walter Swift

ByWalter Swift

Dec 23, 2023

Ikigai, an asset management firm, has successfully liquidated its $65 million claim in the FTX bankruptcy proceedings. This development follows the company’s disclosure that a significant portion of its hedge fund’s assets were tied up with the cryptocurrency exchange at the time of its collapse. 

Travis Kling, Ikigai’s Chief Investment Officer, announced on Twitter on December 22 that the decision to sell the claim was made due to the offer being substantially higher than expected. This move provides a potential recovery avenue for creditors impacted by FTX’s downfall.

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Ikigai’s Strategic Move in FTX Bankruptcy Claim

Ikigai Asset Management recently made a significant decision in the FTX bankruptcy saga, choosing to liquidate its $65 million claim. This move came to light after the firm disclosed that a large portion of its hedge fund’s assets were invested with FTX at the time of its collapse.

Uncertain Sale Price Amid Potential High Recovery

While the exact sale amount remains undisclosed, industry sources suggest that certain creditors might recover up to 73% of their original investment, potentially the highest recovery rate since FTX’s collapse in November 2022. Travis Kling, Ikigai’s Chief Investment Officer, noted on Twitter that the sale price was considerably higher than expected.

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Kling elaborated on the decision-making process behind the liquidation, emphasizing the consideration of opportunity cost. The choice to sell the claim was influenced by comparing the potential future increase in the claim’s price against the immediate benefit of investing the cash in other ventures with promising returns. This approach reflects Ikigai’s strategic planning in navigating the complex aftermath of FTX’s downfall.

FTX Creditors Face Dilemma: Quick Cash-Out vs. Long-Term Gain

Nearly a year after the bankruptcy declaration of FTX and its affiliates, attorneys and brokers continue to approach affected users with offers to sell their claims. This option provides an immediate but potentially reduced recovery, contrasting with the uncertain, potentially larger reimbursement that might come after the prolonged FTX bankruptcy proceedings.

Impatient Investors Weigh Options Amid Crypto Market Dynamics

Many creditors, eager to not miss out on potential gains from a future cryptocurrency bull run, have expressed on social media their preference for receiving funds sooner. This immediate liquidity would allow them to reinvest in the volatile crypto market. However, this choice comes with the risk of forfeiting potentially greater returns that could materialize at the conclusion of FTX’s bankruptcy process. This predicament highlights the tough decisions investors face in balancing the desire for quick access to funds against the possibility of larger future gains.

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