Icoclone presents a white label ICO platform solution with its secure and scalable software development

Icoclone, the top white label ICO platform solution provider has so far raised an ample amount of funds for the projects. 

“Our primary motto of ICO Development is to completely cater to the needs of our global clients. Since we have a habit of collecting the feedback from our clientele, they have so far given some of the premium entities which have to be integrated into the ICO Script. We have taken them into consideration”, started the Senior Official at Icoclone.

In the past, businesses availed loans to enhance their projects. But in recent days, Blockchain Technology has totally disrupted the industry. One such strategy is the Initial Coin Offering. 

Icoclone understood the expectations of the clients in this domain and started delivering the outcomes accordingly. Here are the features they have integrated into the white label ICO platform:

  • Airdrop Programs
  • Bounty Programs
  • Referral Programs
  • Token Management with Admin Panel
  • Real-time statistics with Investor Panel  
  • Investor Dashboard
  • Issuer Dashboard
  • ICO Lending
  • ICO Staking
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • HTTP Authentication
  • DDoS prevention
  • Data Encryption

And much more!

“As the ICO sector is moving to the next stages, we remain updated with the latest technologies and ensure we implement them in our product. We are still planning to incorporate a superior set of features which would be more beneficial to our clientele in the future”, said the Senior Official at Icoclone. 

Initially, they would start gathering the unique requirements from the clients. Once collected, they start analyzing every single idea to turn them into reality. They draft all those ideas and prepare a roadmap that contains the complete details of the project. They release the drafted ICO Whitepaper to the crypto world.

The next step is to develop ICO Tokens and Coins for the project. They ensure the developed tokens are completely compliant and secure in the industry. Then they start marketing them to make sure a huge number of users would buy them and would help the investor in raising the funds instantly! Finally, they integrate Cryptocurrency Wallets with security protocols such as two-factor authentication, Fingerprint recognition, etc to remain secured. This is how they have been involved in ICO Development.

About Icoclone

Icoclone, one of the best ICO Development Company is responsible to boost your profits and business to the next level. With their rich expertise, they have so far catered a good number of industries such as Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Real-Estate, etc. If you have any urgent requirements, you can get in touch with them to get a top-notch ICO Software delivered at your doorstep.

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