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ICICB Launched the Fastest Blockchain Platform in the World


At Blockchain Innovation Summit in Dubai

ICICB Launched the Fastest Blockchain Platform in the World at Blockchain Innovation Summit in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, — Dubai’s ICICB Group is a renowned investment management company that fosters innovation through funding projects of value based on the Blockchaintechnology and the novel Metaverse. Their latest $10 million investment went towards The Luxury, which is planning to transmute the tech industry into a decentralized virtual-reality platform, aiming to rethink the entire user experience through the use of AR and BlockchainICICB Group made The Blockchain Innovation Summit 2021 possible, an event dedicated to networking, entrepreneurship, and innovation for a new era based on Smart Contracts, Blockchain Technologies, and the Metaverse. Nonetheless, the group channels its funds into supporting  projects in banking, cryptocurrency trading, commercial real estate, and other affiliated industries on a global level.

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Following its partnership with Atari to create the Atari Chain and Atari Token, the ICICB Group now looks to further expand its presence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem announcing the launch of the fastest blockchain in the world at the Blockchain Innovation Summit in Dubai.

ICICB Group was founded in 2019 and it is a UAEbased financial services company, encapsulating a vast network of over 114 branches and offices in 26 countries. Their objective stands within helping the entire globe understand and adapt to the incremental changes which occurred under the continuous digital transformation of the last decade. Despite the turbulent markets of the past few years, ICICB posted a profit of $800 million in 2020, its entire ecosystem surpassing $2.6 billion while having $10 billion in assets under direct management.

The group’s main focus consists of integrating novel processes and deploying innovative technologies to deliver long-term sustainable solutions for its clients in the tech industry. Furthermore, ICICB Group is constantly in the search for value, analyzing the market and spotting projects that require funding to reach their full potential.
The group stated that they must support the private sector and make their presence visible when it comes to the development and adoption of technologies that could reshape the future of the nowadays society, with a special focus on the Blockchain and the Metaverse.

Apart from the asset management consulting side, ICICB Group’s future vision consists in delivering high-quality services and products based on the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain, metaverse, while collaborating and funding companies that hold a similar vision for the future: a more sustainable and decentralized one – powered by innovative people and technologies.
For more information about The Luxury Bank or media inquiries, please contact Mohamed Salah at [email protected]

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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