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How to Invest in Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic

Investing cryptocurrencies is a process that is becoming simpler and easier, almost regardless of the country in the world where you are.

That’s what the decentralized finance sector (Defi) is all about, bringing financial freedom to all corners of the world to empower the common citizen.

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Ethereum Classic

In India, despite the creation of the recent “Bill on Cryptocurrencies and Regulation of Official Digital Currency, 2021”, you will be able to buy bitcoins in India, and trade cryptocurrencies by changing from BTC to INR without any problem, no matter what. do the Indian government.

It should be remembered that this project has been prepared by a parliamentary commission that represents the final legislation stipulated by the Ministry of Finance of India in July 2020.

Source: Nimrod Bar (Flickr).

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However, you should not be afraid of this fact as the market for decentralized finance does not need approval from local governments, as it does for centralized fiat finance.

One of the cryptocurrencies that is booming in India is Ethereum Classic (ETC), this thanks largely to its performance in recent months, especially the 300% growth that took place in the second week of May 2021.

As an aggregate, it should be noted that ETC is considered the truly decentralized Ethereum network, the most secure, with the highest speed and capacity of transactions per second.

This fact, shows that the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing day by day in the Asian giant, as people not only wonder how to buy bitcoin in India but are now doing the same with Ethereum Classic, among many other cryptocurrencies.

To this end, there are many ways to buy bitcoin in India and Ethereum Classic ETC, which are subdivided into the following Exchange modalities:

Cryptocurrency Broker:

Place of investment of multiple digital assets, among which the shares of companies, gold, silver, and of course cryptocurrencies stand out. An important feature to highlight for this type of Exchange is that the prices are controlled in favor of the community of said Broker. An example of a Broker is “eToro”.

Traditional cryptocurrency exchange:

Place of exchange and investments where people can trade cryptocurrencies professionally, and their prices are in quite a parity with those of the world crypto-market in real-time. Among other characteristics, it stands out that traditional cryptocurrency exchanges have many technical tools for effective technical analysis in investments, as well as numerous cryptocurrencies and tokens to choose from to invest. An example of a traditional exchange is “Binance”.

Decentralized exchanges:

They are completely autonomous places of exchange and investment, that is, they are not controlled by any private entity or company. This option is preferred by lovers of decentralization and absolute anonymity, groups such as crypto-anarchists and traders who identify with the Cypherpunk movement. An example of a decentralized Exchange is Uniswap.

In the three cases mentioned above, there is a predominance that you will need to have international accounts in strong currencies such as USD and EUR to be able to invest in cryptocurrencies, or, failing that, cryptocurrency wallet accounts to make deposits in these Exchange modalities. That is, it is often necessary to use payment gateways to send funds, a fact that translates into higher expenses for commissions, either to convert from fiat to crypto, or to make withdrawals from your cryptocurrency wallets.

Invest Ethereum Classic

So what is the best option to invest in Ethereum Classic ETC in India?

Without a doubt, your best alternative is the P2P (Person to Person) Exchange mode.

Source: Criptomonedas Web.

P2P exchanges are the best exchange places to buy bitcoin in India and Ethereum Classic, this is because you can do it through your local currency, that is, the Indian rupee INR, both from INR to bitcoin, and from bitcoin to INR, some P2P exchanges, also include the option of INR to ETC or ETC to INR, so you will save a lot of money in commissions to invest in your favorite cryptocurrency.

Also, some Exchanges belonging to the P2P modality, such as Remitano, put at your disposal a wallet in fiat, so that your purchases and sales can be made instantly, as with ATMs, only that in the case of Remitano, it will be digital, verify the use of this type of wallet by clicking here: remitano

Along the same lines, it is of utmost importance to mention that Remitano is the only cryptocurrency exchange in India, which currently provides the integrated instant conversion wallet option. The other exchanges have stopped this service because of the “crypto legality” situation in India.

How is the investment process of Ethereum Classic in India?

Very simple, you register in Remitano through the following link: click here to verify your identity so that you have a greater investment range, then make your instant or P2P purchase of one of the 6 cryptocurrencies that Remitano offers for this purpose: BTC, USDT, ETH, BCH, XRP and LTC, all in exchange for INR.

Once you already have your capital in some 6 cryptocurrencies mentioned above, you can automatically invest this capital or part of it in Ethereum Classic ETC, an operation that you can perform instantly through the following link: remitano 

What to do if the cryptocurrency “ban” goes into effect in India?

Keep calm, you have nothing to fear, no matter what decision the Indian government makes, you will be able to continue trading since to do so you only need:


  1. A stable internet connection.


  1. In case of digital censorship, download the VPN App of your choice. 


  1. Keep your computers and devices safe, through passwords and fingerprints, among other mechanisms.


In this way you can guarantee your investment in Ethereum Classic in India, bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.