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How to Find NFTs Before They are Released



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The upsurge of NFTs has been phenomenal for the past year. There has been a decline in finding quality projects for the next sought-after NFT, considering its drastic growth. The phrase “the early bird gets the worm” is very accurate in the crypto world.

The bulk of NFT projects is subpar because most people in NFT aren’t really skilled in producing high-grade music, art, and similar digital entertainment. We are here then to give you several ways to spot NFT projects having massive potential before they hit the crypto market.


Employ NFT Aggregators

These are sites that quantitatively analyze the inventory of NFT data, platforms, and marketplace situations. It compares the prices of various NFTs, the number of their holders, and their market volume in real-time. Search efficiency is improved when using these sites. Using these sites will give you an idea of what potentially lucrative NFT projects are and if they will go within your budget range.

Go for rare NFTs

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Many NFT enthusiasts believe that the more expensive an NFT is, the rarer it is. It is actually not the case, for there are rare NFTs that you can purchase at a low cost. The low duplicity of an NFT project is one indicator of a rarity. But it doesn’t mean that you can sell rare NFTs at a hefty price. You also have to choose the right market for that, and you can use Rarity tools to snipe for rare NFTs.

Use launchpads

Using launchpads is a great way to find a connection for emerging projects that developers introduce from time to time. You can also keep yourself updated with calendar platforms, such as NFT Drops Zone, where collections of unique and promising NFT projects promote community building, raising funds for capital, and conveniently distributing tokens happen. Novelty projects are sure to come your way when using this initiative.

Minting tools

Gives you an enormous advantage of monitoring projects as contracts for NFTs begin minting in real-time. You can use minting tools like whatmining.live, and icy. tools to snoop in Ethereums NFT contract activities. It enables you to choose which NFT you can jump into before it launches.

OpenSea Tools

For those who do not know, OpenSea is Polygon’s gas-free marketplace for NFTs. It is an easy and cost-free option, and all you have to do is click on the activity tab to monitor the minute-by-minute statistics and transactions like owners, the average price of emerging NFTs, and more.

The Road Map

Invest in a road map with a reliable long-term project. It is one of the most notable documents for public use, where you can view a list of upcoming dates, events, and drops for NFT projects. But there is also a drawback to using the road map, for there are short-term promises that offer free airdrops, benefits, and tokens. These are often misleading as these short-terms are for pumping up prices.

Wrapping Up

You can use all the tools mentioned at your disposal, but make sure that you understand what the data these tools are showing. You also have to analyze why people flock to a particular NFT and vice versa. We hope this article helps you in your NFT search.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.