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$Greed Partners with the Next Level of Metaverses, TCG World in Collaboration with WallStreetBets & Ken Shamrock


$Greed partners with the next level of Metaverses, TCG World in collaboration with WallStreetBets & HOF wrestler &UFC champion Ken Shamrock. The project promises to deliver a mind-blowing experience.

Miami, FL, The TCG World partnership allows for the Greed Metaverse build to tie every utility together in the Greed Ecosystem with much room to spare for our forward-looking projects. Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney says the Metaverse is a multitrillion-dollar opportunity.  Greed with Strategic partners, WallStreetBets and Ken Shamrock’s Valor Sports took neighboring commercial plots in their massive collaboration with TCG World.

The Greed Headquarters will be a modernized replica of Tony Montana’s Mansion from Scarface. Grammy Award winning producers Cool & Dre are South Florida icons so Greed Music recording studios and NFT Galleries will be built into a series of old south beach architecture buildings with a Miami Vice feel meets the future. The Amphitheater for concerts will bring a much more high-tech atmosphere to the music world and will host live streaming concerts. Greed Music studios will live stream your favorite recording artists so you can watch them work in the real-life studio.  Don’t forget Greed’s pup Baby Doge Inu because the crypto love child of DOGE & SHIBA INU will have his own area along with his crypto/NFT based game.

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$Greed partners with the next level of Metaverses, TCG World in collaboration with WallStreetBets & Ken Shamrock

Valor Sports will be providing a high tech multi sports arena to showcase NFTs for all their athletes while incorporating crypto sports games. Ken Shamrock’s Valor Bare Knuckle will have the Bout Circle reproduced inside the Roman Colosseum where if your avatar dares to step into the circle you better be prepared to fight your way out. What better way to showcase the Hall of Fame wrestler & UFC Champion, Ken Shamrock’s career than inside a lion shaped building to represent the Lion’s Den. The Lion’s Den was the first fight club ever and was created by the world’s most dangerous man himself.

WallStreetBets will have Wallstreet and the stock exchange duplicated with many other surprises. Look for additional buildings with cutting edge design and Mount Apemore. You may see a bull and a bear, but they will most likely be overrun by apes.  If you are an adventurer you can take part in Pi Protocol treasure hunts for their rare NFT’s throughout all the lands. $Greed, Baby Doge Inu, Greed Music with Cool & Dre, Wallstreet with Apes, Valor Sports, Valor Bare Knuckle, The Lion’s Den and Ken Shamrock all bordering and being built by TCG World architects with their superior technology = MIND BLOWN!

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.