Grand Theft Crypto Unveils Plans for Upcoming P2E Game

Grand Theft Crypto (GTC), an Ethereum-based P2E blockchain Metaverse project, is introducing a game that will enable players to combat in the digital world. The project strives to become a real-life DAO using artificial intelligence coded based on human behavior. Users get to choose between both sides of the law, pick a set, and rep their gangs in the ultimate community vs. community token.

Amsterdam, Netherlands,  — GTC aspires to be a DAO with near-real-world dynamics. According to the project’s team. The game strives to incentivize both law-abiding and law-neglecting behavior.

Grand Theft Crypto Unveils Plans for Upcoming P2E Game 1

When users abide by the law, they earn passive income, get advanced property insurance and liability insurance, profit from seized assets, and get a limited P2P gameplay. On the other hand, when they neglect the law, they earn from short-term income influx, get little property and liability insurance and obtain entrance to the black market.

Land Ownership Encrypta

Landowners in the GTC-Verse can freely develop and create their households (within certain restrictions that are subject to change). Landowners can be punished or rewarded in the form of lost or gained revenue, based on an advanced behavior punishment mechanism implemented later in the game to protect asset loss.

Users can only mint land parcels in an ERC721 token / NFT form utilizing Ethereum in stage 1 and the native token in stage 3. The token is absolute proof of ownership and thus irreplicable. However, this should not be confused with untransferable. Peer-to-peer platforms will allow public landowners to transfer and sell their landholdings.

During the first stage, half of the Ethereum received is used to buy back and destroy a portion of the supply. It is a critical component of their return strategy for investors, as it will cause long-term price inflation.

Furthermore, 20% of the Ethereum gathered with each packet minted will be set aside. The project then utilizes funds to purchase the Decentraland property in Genesis City, where the GTC White House is located.

The GTC Tokenomics

The main in-game currency used to fight your way to financial freedom is the $GTC token. Citizens will be able to use the currency to access countless services. The total supply equals to 15 million. Of this, 20% goes to the initial circulation supply. The all public launch will use up to 10% of this total supply. Meanwhile, the presale will take 1.5 million GTC, 10% of all the tokens. Notably, the presale will take place on the 8th of February in 2022.

GTC will introduce in-game saving systems already known from traditional banking. Users who register a bank account and keep GTC tokens can pool the tokens into an enhanced staking pool. As a result, GTC locks the tokens for a set time. Users receive incentives to do so, with an APY up to 20% more than the non-boosted counter variety. Citizens with a debit bank account will also earn a 2% spend bonus in-game, helping to stimulate the economy.

There is also secure value storage resulting from investing and reinvesting in the overall crypto market. Furthermore, GTC intends to allocate 25% of the funds to a USDC liquidity pool to profit from large market movements. It creates a long-term, low-risk revenue stream from which all investors can benefit.

About Grand Theft Crypto

By incorporating DAO, GTC aspires to be more than just a P2E game or a crypto metaverse. As a result, it offers a realistic economic trade-off. Grand Theft Crypto intends to create a Grand Theft Auto style video game based on ETHfor Mobile, Computer, and Gaming Consoles.. By doing your part to ensure the community flourishes, you can help us battle the ruggers, fudders, whales, and bots!

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