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GameFi – Centric Launchpad Lighthouse Selects Moonscape as their First IDO Project


Moonscape, Lighthouse’s inaugural project, is slated to be released around the end of 2021

SINGAPORE,– Seascape Network, a game platform designed around the NFT and DeFi economies, which has prominent supporters such as Binance, has officially opened its IDO for its upcoming game, Moonscape. Moonscape is a Moonbeam-exclusive game that will be the inaugural project of Lighthouse, with a native token called Moonscape Token ($MSCP). It is set to launch at Lighthouse, a brand-new IDO launchpad under Seascape Network, which emphasizes on DeFi gaming and usability for game developers and prospective GameFi projects on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Network and Moonbeam Network.

Lighthouse is a new IDO launchpad powered by the native Seascape token ($CWS), which supports future prospective projects on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Network, and Moonbeam Network. The platform focuses heavily on game developers and provides vetted projects with resources to find funding for their projects, as well as allowing their subsequent users to enjoy the full potential of play-to-earn gaming via the tried-and-true DeFi gaming intricacies developed by the Seascape Network team.

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In October 2021, the Seascape Network team published a preview of the upcoming game on YouTube. Moonscape is a resource strategy management DeFi game that takes place on a futuristic moon, in which players collect gaming assets to build cities and conquer rival cities. Moonscape itself is a game exclusive to Moonbeam, a Polkadot smart contract platform. The gameplay will be powered by the Moonscape Token ($MSCP), the official token of Moonscape. The token will be the in-game currency for users to access premium resources and gain higher rewards within the game.

The visual design and gameplay of Moonscape is a departure from the previously released games of Seascape Network, namely games such as Profit Circus, Staking Saloon, and NFT Brawl. According to the team, the previous games “served primarily as proof-of-concept” to demonstrate how popular DeFi mechanics can be gamified with high-quality graphics and an excellent user experience. “With the overwhelming success of games like Axie Infinity among others, it has demonstrated what Seascape already believed: the world is hungry for the play-to-earn model of gaming. While what we see right now is but a trickle of successful, enjoyable games, a deluge is on the horizon, and Seascape aims to make sure that quality games get to see the light of day,” said Founder, CEO and creative director of Seascape Network, David Johansson.

Being one of the top-played DeFi games in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem with consistently top-traded NFTs, the team at Seascape Network has maintained its commitment to accelerate mass adoption of DeFi and NFT gaming through their Play-To-Earn ecosystem with their games, DEX, and NFT Market. Seascape Network was part of the investments by Binance under their $100 million fund, in an effort to enhance DeFi gaming in the centralized exchange. In that regard, the team has made prior announcements in July 2021 covering their collaboration with Binance NFT, to enable the integration of BSC for exclusive NFTs from their Zombie game series on the Binance NFT Marketplace.

The release of Moonscape is anticipated to be announced approximately during the end of 2021.

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For more information about Moonscape, please visit the official website.

About Seascape Network

Seascape is a game platform designed around the NFT and DeFi economies. Built on Substrate, the platform aims to incentivize users to buy, trade, stake and mine NFTs while playing their favorite games. The platform is developed by the team behind the award-winning blockchain strategy game, BLOCKLORDS, which has launched successfully on all major DAPP protocols and onboarded thousands of users.

For more information, please visit their official website: https://seascape.network/

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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