For under $50, get 50 of MyFonts’ best new font designs for all your projects.

TLDR: The MyFonts Monotype Fresh Font Bundle contains 50 top quality, handcrafted fonts to liven up your projects — and they’re only about $1 each.

Helvetica. Times New Roman. Arial. They’re the font equivalents of the trusty security blanket. You know them. You’ve used them forever. And they’re as flashy as your grandma going to the grocery store for kale.

Even if your design experience doesn’t extend beyond party announcement flyers at work, you’ve likely exhausted the reservoir of ancient typefaces found in all the big art, design and document software. 

You can inject all your messaging with a much-needed shot of new blood with a collection of all-new typefaces with the MyFonts Monotype Fresh Font Bundle ($49.99, 74 percent off from TNW Deals).

This package includes 50 new MyFonts fonts handcrafted by the experts at Monotype, one of the web’s biggest typeface makers. From simple and elegant to ornate and showy, this wide-ranging package of serif, sans serif, script and display fonts can help freshen up virtually any project with just the right typeface to hit your particular mood or character.

High quality fonts can often run between $50 to $100 or more, but by grabbing the MyFonts Monotype Fresh Font Bundle now, the entire collection is just $49.99, about $1 per font.

Prices are subject to change.

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