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Flovatar Releases Revolutionary NFT Builder


To Empower Individuals and Brands to Create Whatever They Want

Flovatar lets you build & customize your own NFTs, and now people and brands can use their revolutionary technology in their new land sale with the launch of the TerraKit pack pre-sale for the greater expansion of the Flovaverse.

New York, New York, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The revolutionary NFT project Flovatar on the Flow blockchain, has released the first ever land sale of its kind in the NFT space. Flovatar NFTs were the first NFT project to allow the creator to customize and design the NFT using a “spark of life” before fully minting the NFT on chain. The revolutionary land sale will be a major leap forward to help the project attain its goal of becoming the Lego + Disney in the Web3 space.

Since their genesis launch, Flovatar has been constantly releasing new utilities and resources to reward and empower the community. For example, they completed multiple surprise airdrops with Christmas-themed Flobits, and unique composable backgrounds, released a unique meme maker, a WTF is an NFT videoInstagram AR filters, the first ever Treasure Hunt on Flow, created 3D functionality and surprised other members of the community with 3D Models of their Flovatars, released the Dapper Wallet and Lilico Wallet integration, and released a new mobile app on Google Play and iOS. Most recently they sold out their Flobit Season 2 pack sale within 10 minutes.

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Unpacking the TerraKit Pack Sale

The new TerraKit Pack Pre-Sale is the most ambitious release yet, and arguably one of the most innovative in the NFT space. Now with the Flovatar Universe Builder (FUB), anyone can create entirely new NFT collections from scratch or upload images/assets to create anything. The magic and innovation of creativity is taken to a whole new level never-before-seen in the NFT space with individuals and brands being able to release their own NFT series without the technical expertise.

“Every child is an artist until they are told they are not…,” John Lennon once observed.

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Luca Basille, Founder & CEO of Flovatar, said:

“Creativity is for everyone, not just artists. Never underestimate the fun in non-fungible because creativity, and fun puns, are simply your intelligence at play. Our goal is to empower every person’s creativity and imagination.” 

Contents of the NFT Packs: the Flovatar TerraKits

The NFT packs, the TerraKits, being offered for the pre-sale contain the following:

– 1 Flovatar Universe Builder (FUB): The novel builder allows for the creation of any NFT Series that can be imagined with 25 different slots available for the different traits available.– 1 Residential Asteroid Island: Can be fully customized hosting up to 5 other NFTs in it (like the Series 1 Flovatars, but also any other character or building that will become available over time). It will host the FUB acting as a virtual store.– 1 Flobot Companion: Assisting the colonization and terraforming of new places in the Flovaverse. The Flovabot is fully customizable and will be fully mintable just like Flovatars from Series 1.

The Power to Create

The Flovatar Universe Builder is the ultimate tool to create new NFTs and NFT series without knowing how to write a single line of code. Brands, artists, individuals, children, and more can use this revolutionary technology to make whatever they want.

This is the ultimate “create-to-earn” experience now available to even more people.

In the past, or in other NFT projects, there was a centralized top-down approach limiting creativity within a small set of parameters, but Flovatar has now removed all barriers to let creativity and ownership run free while empowering people to make money from their new NFT creations.

This is something far greater than any top-down driven approach could ever achieve in other NFT projects.

To learn more about the Flovatar land sale, you can read their full announcement here. They also shared a recent launch video that unpacks more information about the NFT packs.

The Flovatar TerraKit Pack Pre-Sale will be happening on 9/26 at 12pm ET. Sign up to be notified of when the sale goes live.

Flovatar is also giving away FREE TerraKit Packs in a challenge & giveaway which you can enter here.

You can also join their email list to get notified when the queue opens to start the purchase process and for exclusive offers, events, and more. The Flovatar discord community here is also another great place to get information and ask questions.

Flovatar is a fully on-chain, composable NFT 2.0 with 1% lifetime royalty, full commercial rights, and a $DUST token (coming soon) currently operating on the Flow blockchain.

For the full press kit, including images, please click here.

About FlovatarFlovatar is pioneering a new way to unleash community creativity in Web3 by allowing users to be co-creators of their prized NFTs, instead of just being passive collectors. It offers an innovative platform for people to connect and build new experiences together. For more information, please visit https://flovatar.com/

If you would like more information about Flovatar, potential partnership opportunities, or if you would like to do an interview with team Flovatar, please email Jason at [email protected].

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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