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F-Bomb NFT Project Will Help NFT Newbies

F-Bomb NFT

 Mint Their First NFT

Mint date announced with whitelist sale on January 31st, 6-hour presale on February 1st, and public sale to follow on February 1st

PHOENIX, Become part of the most explosive NFT project dropping this year, F-Bomb NFT! Going above and beyond to support their community, the F-Bomb NFT family will even walk those new to NFTs through the process, from setting up and funding your wallet to an on-screen walkthrough on the day of minting. They are providing a newbies section with guidance on how to mint your first NFT. Also, on presale day, Feb. 1, newbies can open a support ticket in the F-Bomb Discord server to request personal assistance from the F-Bomb team. You can find the F-Bomb Discord through their website at FBomb.io.

This interest in helping everyone in the NFT community is an integral part of the F-Bomb project. Long-term, F-Bomb plans to provide NFT entertainment and education with their NFT information platform called F-Bomb Central. Their roadmap also includes launching their own ERC-20 token, CTNT. Unlike meme coins, such as Dogecoin or Shiba Inu, the CTNT token has utility value of raising money for charity through every transaction.

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The other highlights of this project that are attractive to those in the NFT space are the ways they build wealth for their NFT holders. First, they will contribute 10 ETH to the community wallet for every 25% of sales. Next, the community wallet will benefit from both F-Bomb Central, as well as the CTNT token. However, it’s not only about the community wallet. Original F-Bomb NFT minters will be individually gifted 50,000 CTNT tokens each. The token will be listed on an exchange, which will create the opportunity for F-Bomb NFT minters to freely buy and sell.

This project sets itself apart from others by bringing a unique roadmap, transparency, and utility that creates longevity for the F-Bomb brand and its holders. These are some of the key things for first-time minters to look for before investing in a project. The F-Bomb team is building longevity for the brand and intend to give F-Bomb NFT holders several opportunities to build wealth beyond their initial NFT investment. Learn more in this video review of the project by NFT Mentor.

Find out more about F-Bomb NFT by visiting its official website: Fbomb.io. You will be welcomed by a colorful, playful community and a mischievous F-Bomb character.

About F-Bomb NFT

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F-Bomb is a collection of 9,999 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, as varied as the F word itself. It is created by a diverse team of serial entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts, including men and women, different ethnicities, social backgrounds, and an age range from 18 to 50. The F-Bomb team came together to create a project that would add enormous value to the NFT community on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.