E-Crypto News Talks to Rob the Man Behind the YouTube Channel-Digital Asset News

As Publisher of E-Crypto News I am constantly looking around the internet for different news sources,,.it could be video, it could be a podcast or even Coindesk. There are different voices in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space- some are hype men or women and some are like Rob a steady hand in the crypto reporting world.

One of my favorite voices talking about cryptocurrencies these days is Rob of Digital Asset News or (D.A.N. Teaches Crypto). E-Crypto News talked to Rob about why he got started with his YouTube channel and why he’s the ‘everyman‘ of cryptocurrency reporting.

Q: Why did you start this Youtube channel and how long have you been broadcasting?

A: I started for many reasons. One was I needed an outlet as my other businesses were running on auto-pilot with little input from me.
Two was I love the crypto space and want to see it grow and three was I was sick of the YouTube hype channels that kept talking about “THIS COINS GOING TO THE MOON TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! GET IT BEFORE IT BLOWS UP!!!!!!!! ….and other nonsense like that.
I’m also not a trader, only a long term investor and I was sick of seeing people talk about their technical analysis charts.
Digital Asset News-YouTube
When I first got in, I was under the impression that I HAD TO BE A TRADER to make profits in this space, but that’s not true! My channel was started to inform people of a much simpler way that’s based on sound investing principles. 

Q: After watching your channel for the past month, you come across as the “everyman” Crypto analyst. Not a lot of insider talk, Is that by design?

A: It is. I talk to my friend Alex Masciolli who is head of Bequant Institutional Services about this all the time.
He asks me how the channel got to grow so fast and I told him because there are WAY more people like me out in the world who are just average joe’s and average jane’s, that are interested in cryptocurrencies and digital assets but aren’t entrenched in the financial sectors like the people he runs around with.
I give practical advice (Dollar-Cost-Average, buy and hold, have strong hands) and don’t get caught up in “get rich quick” schemes. You’re going to do well, just stick to the sound investing principles that have helped people become wealthy for centuries. 

Q: Have you ever lost your shirt on a Crypto play?

A: No. Never. The reason is that I have NEVER SOLD. I believe that people aren’t used to the wild swings that are in cryptocurrencies and digital assets. A drop of 20-40% IN A DAY  is not uncommon.
If you’re from the traditional markets, then that’s a reason to jump off a building. I know that what goes up, must come down AND there’s a good chance that it will go back up again.
You don’t lose your shirt unless you sell and I’m not in the business of losing money. I got in crypto in November of 2017 and I saw my investments crash by 80% within 2 months. Other people would have sold and I can understand how they would want to cut their losses.
However, that’s not me. I’m stubborn and over the last 3 years I have continued to buy these low points and DCA (Dollar Cost Average) on a weekly and sometimes daily schedule. The markets are up MASSIVELY and I’m glad I stuck to my plan which is just to be an investor. 

Q: With the advent of large institutional investors piling into Bitcoin and Altcoin’s to a smaller degree…Can the average home investor still make a killing in Crypto?

A: Absolutely. Crypto assets like Bitcoin will MASSIVELY OUTPERFORM anything the S&P 500 or traditional markets can offer.

I’m sure there will be that rare gem that outperforms a crypto asset in our market but to date, Bitcoin is the BEST PERFORMING ASSET CLASS OF ALL TIME.
It has beaten Gold, Silver, Stocks, Oil, Bonds, and everything else out there. The crypto market cap is undervalued at only 560 billion as compared to the market cap of gold (11 Trillion) and other hard assets and stocks.
I only see an asymmetrical investment gain in bitcoin and digital assets. Having said that, 90% of cryptos will fail. Right now there are over 5,000 of them so for me, I only focus on the top 100.
You can find a low cap gem if you look hard enough but for every 1 winner you invest in, expect another 10-100 to fail. 

Q: How long does it take to put together one of your videos and do you do all of the editings of the show?

A: When I started it took HOURS UPON HOURS because I didn’t have the knowledge base I needed.

Over time I’ve accumulated the information pieces that can fill in the gaps of any story that is out there. These days it only takes 1-2 hours MAX to research, record, edit, and post on YouTube.

Q: Why do you think that there is a slow rate of adoption of cryptocurrencies?

A: I think in the beginning it was slow because you had a lot of anarchists and libertarians who were pushing the narrative.
That is not the vast majority of the population so it went slow for quite some time. Then there was a shift and you saw plenty of speculator investors get in and that is more of the population at large so it became more mainstream.
Now we have BIG institutions and names associated with these entities getting into crypto assets (Paypal, Fidelity, TDAmeritrade, Robinhood, Paul Tudor Jones, Duckenmiler, etc.,) and this will be the next big push for adoption.
You will start seeing advertisements on TV and the internet as well as financial planners to start telling ALL of their clients to put 1-3% of their portfolio in Bitcoin. This will happen in 2021 and 2022 and will lead to an explosion of adoption. 

Q: How do you think the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital assets will occur?

A: People like you and me talking about it. Look, people will be intrigued when they see a commercial on TV about it but they won’t trust it. They WILL trust their friend or family member when they say, “Yeah I got some Bitcoin. I invested because it’s digital gold. It only has 21 million created so it’s SUPER scarce.
It’s the best performing asset of ALL TIME. I can send it to ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the WORLD in under half an hour and it costs me next to nothing.
It used to cost a nickel and now it’s around $20k and it’s why I invested…” OK, granted that’s my Bitcoin elevator pitch but you get the idea. If you have a trusted friend or family member and they say they got into crypto, that endorsement carries 100x more weight than any ad.

This is also another reason why I started my channel and built my free education website at danteachescrypto.com

 Im trying to pull everyone I can to get into the liferaft before we have to leave. I can’t get everyone before the ship leaves the harbor, but I’m going to try. 

Q: Can America catch up with China concerning Digital Currencies? It seems like the American Govt. is a bit afraid of Digital Currencies.

A: Short answer: no. Long answer: No, because the government is not good at understanding innovation. They are only good at regulation and even that’s debatable.
I believe if America does not catch up to China which already has a digital currency called the Digital Yuan then we will see us become second-class citizens of the financial world. He who controls finance controls the world. 

Q: Are decentralized Currencies the future of America and the world?

A: Yes and no. China’s cryptocurrency is NOT decentralized (it is run by their Central banks). Yet, it has captured the imagination and wonder of the Chinese people.
It is fast, easy to use, and CONTROLLABLE (which is good for the CCP or Chinese Communist Party).
On the flip side, people don’t understand the benefits of having a DECENTRALIZED currency (monetary policy control, no quantitative easing, censorship resistance, the power to the people) vs. a CENTRALIZED currency (controllable, poor monetary policy, money printing that devalues the currency, etc.,). They only know one thing – I have money and I can buy things.  

Q: Do you think Bitcoin will always be the king of cryptocurrencies?

A: I’ll tell you what I know and I’ll tell you what I don’t know. On this one, I do not know. If we take a look at web browsers we can see that Netscape Navigator was one of the first technology and it was AWESOME for YEARS.
However, as time went on, better, faster, and more technologically advanced browsers came out such as Internet Explorer then Google Chrome and now we have the Brave Browser.
Same thing with search engines – AskJeeves then Yahoo and now Google.
However, there are some early businesses that have stood the test of time and even gained MORE market share as time has gone on – Mcdonalds, Netflix, Amazon, etc.,
I think the reason they have done this is that they INNOVATED. Mcdonalds kept building their storefront and put it on almost EVERY corner in EVERY city IN THE WORLD.
Netflix was the first streaming service and continues to add premiere content despite challengers by Disney+ and others.
Amazon has gobbled up massive amounts of companies (Zappos, Whole Foods, etc.,) and continues to do one thing EXTREMELY well – listen to their customers and give them EXACTLY what they want.
Will Bitcoin be able to do that? I’m not sure and only time will tell. I will say this though, In the near and mid-term I expect Bitcoin (and Ethereum) to absolutely dominate this field because it is embedded into the public consciousness, people know it and institutions are pushing it.

About the author

Brent Dixon is the owner of E-Crypto News and an early adopter of cryptocurrencies. He is a Book editor- that has edited numerous books on Cryptocurrencies. He has been a writer for more than 30 years. Covering everything from Jazz Music to Blockchain Technology. He currently lives with his wife on Miami Beach, Fl.

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