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Editorial: E-Crypto News Will Soon be Available in Other Languages! Here’s Why

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After considering several metrics that drive E-Crypto News, I have decided to make our content available in other languages. 

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We realize our content is being read globally by a massive audience that wants to engage with us. 

But the gaps in language have made communicating with this section of our audience impossible.

So, here are our reasons for making E-Crypto News available in other languages. 


The Majority of the World’s Population Speak Other Languages

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English is the language of trade and investment all over the world. However, over two-thirds of the world’s population speak other languages as a first language.

So, only a portion of the world’s population would still understand our content, others wouldn’t grasp what we are trying to say. 

And that wouldn’t do. 

One reason for translating our content is that we can reach more people with the truth about cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies.

The truth these days is hard to find. 

By translating our content, we would have been able to do our bit of creating a clean, sane space where everything works.

The language barrier has been for the bad guys an opportunity to cheat, defraud and steal hard-earned monies from honest people who want to join the cryptocurrency space without the unnecessary shenanigans that fraudsters expose them to. 

We are Expanding the E-Crypto News Reach

Believe it or not, E-Crypto News has been a staple source of information for many people who struggle with English as a second language.

We want to expand this reach and engage with those readers who have no idea what cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) are. 

We want to reach them with the exciting stories and interviews, issues, and other forms of content that have made us become the force that we are in the cryptocurrency space.

We believe these people are the ones who will herald the mass adoption that we have all been waiting for. 

Expanding our audience will help achieve this in no small way. 

We Want to Change Mindsets

If we are to fulfill our collective goal of ensuring the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, the first thing we have to do is to change the prevailing mindsets that exist. 

As a leading cryptocurrency, distributed ledger technology (DLT), and technology news organization, we have been able to do that to some degree. 

However, we can do more in the foreign space. 

Through continuing our work in changing mindsets, it helps us bring the good news about this fantastic new world freshly and excitingly to our readers.

It also helps to speak to people in their native languages and dialects. 

That is something that we know will take the cryptocurrency space further than it has ever been. 

We Want to Enable Cryptocurrency Adoption in Non-English Speaking Markets

Before now, English-speaking markets have served as the adoption rates of cryptocurrencies that we see. 

So much more can be achieved in terms of adoption if we collectively shift our focus to foreign language markets. 

That way, we can evangelize the gospel of these exciting technologies and also bring others into the fold. 

We have noticed quite a bit of mistrust and misinformation in these markets. 

It has led to all sorts of issues.

 These include bans by world governments. 

If the right information reaches the right people at the right time, we could have avoided these issues.

We can then create a new paradigm where the right information reaches the right people who can make the right decisions.

We Want to Build an Interconnected World

When it comes to building the new world, digitization is everything, we have to ensure that the ties that bind us must exist first. 

These ties are built by shared experiences and engagements. 

So, we decided to create this foundation regardless of language, creed, gender, race, or other factors by expanding into a world where diversity is strength and not weakness. 

Ideas drive this new world.

And for these ideas to gain the approval of most of the world’s population, a solid basis must exist for communicating the ideas, concepts, precepts, and philosophies that underpin them. 

Our expansion into foreign language markets allows us to build these connections seamlessly and easily. 

That is where we believe the world is going with all that’s happening currently. 

We Want to Bridge Parallel Universes

We have noted with some dismay that the regular universe and the cryptocurrency universe have been seen as parallel to each other. 

Regular people see those in the cryptocurrency space as either geniuses or crazy people. 

In truth, anybody can do what the members in the cryptocurrency space are doing. 

We want to bring this to the global consciousness.

It can be achieved by changing perceptions. 

If people see it is only one universe that exists, then they will level up quickly. 

This parallelism is a leading cause of the fights against cryptocurrencies we see in the world today. 

Ending it can only be done if everyone everywhere is on the same page. 

It also creates a new multi-dimensional universe.

A universe where knowledge is the key.

A universe where knowledge is easy to get. 

Anyone can do this if they know how! 

We Want to Start a Global Conversation

Conversations are at the heart of every conversation. 

Monologue does nothing, solves nothing, and delivers zero results.

By making our content available in other languages, we want to create a global conversation about these technologies.

We want to talk about their ability to solve humanity’s problems. 

We want to talk about their use-cases in ensuring money and credit are available to the world’s poorest people. 

We want to show their effectiveness in doing what the status quo cannot do. 

The only way we can do this is if we start speaking to everyone in their language. 

That way, understanding becomes easy, and engagement then comes naturally. 

After all, all the world’s revolutions started and ended in the language of the people involved!

It leads us to our next point. 

We Want to Ignite a Global Technological Revolution

Speaking about revolutions, we would like to ignite a global technological revolution with our content. 

After all, we don’t think there’s much of a difference between mass adoption and a technological revolution.

This revolution will allow the cryptocurrency space to reach its goal.

Many people think this goal is nothing more than a myth or an urban legend.

We don’t think so!

Myth or not, we can make it become a living reality if we communicate!

That’s what this is about. 

Ensuring the story is told right. 

By communicating everything about the cryptocurrency and DLT space in other languages, it creates fertile ground for conversation starters.

These conversation starters will lead to engagement.

Further down the road, the engagement will ignite an inner fire within people. 

And when the people are at the right number, a revolution has started. 

It really is that simple. 

However, we wish to do this on a civil basis. 

We want to connect with government leaders, private sector leaders, the men and women on the street, and those closest to our hearts: Generation Z.

We think they (Gen Z) will be the ultimate harbingers of the age to come. 

An age where anything is possible!

For now, though, we want to ensure they are empowered to do this on a global scale. 

And that’s how the cookie crumbles. 


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.