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The North America Bitcoin Conf. Showcased a Diverse Range of Voices

The Mega Conference Hosted 5,800+ Innovators, Investors, and Change-Makers Gathering in Miami

MIAMI, Jan. 20, 2022– The North American Bitcoin Conference concluded with a diverse array of speakers drawing in an attendance far exceeding expectations. Over 5,800 attendees signed up, gathering for the opportunity to hear from over 90 of the industry’s top leaders.

The landscape of crypto has changed drastically in the past three years. It’s no longer a young man’s world – or even a man’s world – as evidenced by the number of bitcoin investors who are women: That number was 13% in 2019. Now it’s over 43%. Additionally, about 44% of bitcoin investors are people of color, according to a survey last June by the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center.

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As increasing numbers of women, people of color, and previously under-represented minority networks make their way into leadership positions, the makeup of the overall population of crypto investors will diversify even more.

Keynote CEO and founder Moe Levin says, “Besides being unjust and inequitable, excluding groups of people based on gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation only hurts us as an industry. Some of the greatest innovations have come from the minds of women and people of color. I believe the crypto space is thriving because of its diversity and will only continue to grow as it becomes more inclusive.”

Despite being a decentralized and digital economy, the cryptocurrency stakeholders do come largely from the white male-dominated sectors of finance and technology.

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Cleve Mesidor, former Obama Appointee, Head of National Policy Network WOC Blockchain, has observed, “The Internet was supposed to be decentralized, and today it’s owned by four white men.”

Cleve leads the national policy network of women of color in blockchain, which advocates for inclusion on the crypto ecosystem. She spoke in a TNABC fireside chat about strategies to make sure individuals previously locked out of centralized finance have a seat at the table to ensure Bitcoin is inclusive and provides opportunity for everyone.

Disparity should not be the norm in the crypto space, and activists like Cleve Mesidor are fighting to tear down barriers as quickly and completely as possible.

Co-Founder and CEO of Streambed, Jenna Pilgrim has this advice for people, especially women, entering the crypto space: “My advice to everyone, but especially my female peers and colleagues is: go out, ask for opportunities, and demand a seat at the table.”

Keynote is honored to curate events that are representative of the inclusive, diverse crypto and blockchain community that now thrives. More information about the biggest TNABC speaker lineup to date can be found at btcmiami.com/speakers

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.