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CryptoGames: Play and Win on CryptoGames Newest Addition Keno



In the world of modern gambling, CryptoGames has been one of the consistent hosts of old-school gambling games. Their crypto-based website provides a fully reliable system that serves ultimate entertainment value and each one of their games is undoubtedly praiseworthy for carrying the true concepts of evergreen gambling. Recently CryptoGames added another one of the industry’s all-time finest games in its crypto version to the casino.

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The game that has been added to the list is called Keno. Including this one, CryptoGames is now hosting 10 extravagant games that offer absolutely easy instructions that can be easily comprehensible after a few practices. Keno, since its arrival has gained great popularity among the players for its added entertainment value that is capable of serving the players with fair and equal fun at all times.


Keno rewards the gamblers on board through its great payout tables. Keno also makes the game time easier for even beginner-level players through necessary smart features, guidelines, and amazing rewards. The concept of Keno is bringing fresh challenges for the players and is being highlighted among the players for all the worthy reasons. Hence, this review will feature CryptoGames’ latest handpicked game in all its glory.

Insight about Keno:

Keno is one of the finest casino games that is purely luck-based yet is one of the most rewarding games that can be played with the least amount of effort. It is also one of the most underrated games that can be found at modern casinos or to be played with different cryptocurrencies.

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The objective of this game is quite similar to the one found in the game of Lottery and the theme of the game is quite well known among many old-school gamblers. After being offered at the digital casinos and online gambling platforms, it is gradually picking up its reputation among modern crypto gamblers.

At CryptoGames, Keno is offered as a fully digitalized wagering game that offers new edge architecture. The field of Keno where numbers ranging from 1 to 40 are given, is neatly designed with a black and golden color scheme. The theme of the game is kept to be unique without going over the edge.

Since it is a game where the players have to pick up to 10 numbers from the field, they anticipate the results like they would in the game of Lottery. The flexible objective of the game allows them to pick any numbers they wish. The payout multiplier will depend on the number of fields chosen.

To win the game, players must fulfill the objective of the game by correctly picking as many numbers as possible. Since the game gets started only after the desired numbers are picked, players can choose to customize their bets any way they would like. The coin to play the game with must also be chosen before the bets are finalized.

The size of all individual bets must be selected even in case the players want to use the Auto Bet feature. In each round, players can use the min and max buttons to adjust the size of their bets and customize the auto bets by going through the available options under the tab.

Your Guide to Play Keno:

The given steps are your clear guide to learn how to play the game of Keno:

1. At first, players must set up the bet and the number of credits to bet. The minimum amount of bet is 10 credits for all cryptocurrencies. For Play Money players, the minimum bet amount is 10 credits and the maximum amount is

1,200,000,000 credits. The Play Money can be used as many times as needed to test the game. For Keno, 10 credits = 10 Play Money.

2. Then players return to the field to pick the numbers they think will come up in the result. They can predict 1-10 numbers.

3. After picking up the numbers, players choose to select the level of the game. There are 4 options. Classic, Low, Medium, High.

4. Then, once the players pick their numbers and preferred level, they can utilize the option to run their bet many times for the selected numbers. This can be done by using the Auto Bet function.

5. After everything is done, the game is started by pressing the “Start” button.

6. If the predictions match the numbers that come up, then they will turn to show the classic CryptoGames symbol, and the rest of the winning numbers that the players left unpicked, are labeled with an X.

Here, the amount of total payout will depend on the number of squares picked before and have successfully matched with the result.

Features That Make the Game Easy:

The Classic Auto Bet:

Players can run multiple bets for a specifically selected set of numbers that they have picked at the beginning of the game. These selected numbers will be the ones they predict for customized settings. During the bets that the Auto Bet feature will run, the selected numbers cannot be changed.

However, players can customize the number of bets, and the conditions of the bet size or amount, in case of win or loss, can be changed according to their preference. They can even stop or keep running their bets according to the win or loss percentage of the results.

Latest Random Pick:

CryptoGames added this feature especially for the game of Keno to help the players pick their predictions randomly. This helps them when they are confused about their guesses. The players can also use the feature to see how their winning rates may vary or how the game changes when the feature is enabled.

If they want then they are also free to put both the Auto Bet feature and Random pick feature to use at the same time. This is how the feature helps the players automatically select the numbers for their prediction:

By simply clicking on the “Select Random () Fields” button, players can start to enable the feature. They can adjust the number of fields/squares as their pick using the button. They can also shuffle the selected fields randomly by moving on to clicking the “RANDOM” button.

Random pick is created to lighten up the tensed confusion of the players and also give an idea as to how the game may change when the players rely on inbuilt features. The players are, however, not guaranteed to score a definite win using this feature, therefore the casino asks the players to use it at their own risk.

Deposit, Withdrawal, and Exchanges for Keno:

CryptoGames offers 10 well-known cryptocurrencies for all kinds of transactions required to start gambling at the casino. All 10 cryptocurrencies are available for Keno players. Since all players are given the privilege of spending Play Money for testing all the games (except Lottery), Keno players will also have the privilege of accessing the game with their Play Money currency.

The point to note at all times is that to be able to start playing at CryptoGames with any cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, all players must complete the full registration process. The list of cryptocurrencies available for use is:

· Bitcoin

· Bitcoin Cash

· Litecoin

· Dogecoin

· Ethereum

· Ethereum Classic

· Monero

· Dash


· Solana

Before beginning any game, the players at CryptoGames pick their preferred cryptocurrencies. Then to play and win crypto rewards from Keno, players have to begin by navigating the deposit methods mentioned on the website. The casino gives the players great options for deposits and exchanges.

For many, the traditional system seems more convenient whereas the new digital gamblers pay more attention to the updated system for their convenience. On the website, an updated deposit system is now available for fiat currency deposits.

This is however available for BTC and ETH users for the time being. The new deposit system supports Credit Card users through this and is much more convenient for making the quickest deposits. This updated deposit system is provided through Onramper, which is a third-party fiat-crypto gateway aggregator.

On the other hand, CryptoGames enables the exchanges of cryptocurrencies in the fastest and most flexible way. An updated exchange system called ChangeNOW has been used by many crypto users for completing safe, fastest exchanges since 2017.

The crypto-based platform provides exchange services for over 250 (approximately) cryptocurrency users. The users at the CryptoGames hence can convert a great number of cryptocurrencies into any of the listed cryptocurrencies at the casino. Apart from this, for everyone who finds the traditional/normal deposit, withdrawal, and exchanges rather less complicated than the advanced ones, the dedicated tabs under the “My Account” tab are always open for service.

Registration Without Hassle

CryptoGames registration process doesn’t need any personal or financial information during the process. For a player to gain the privilege to freely explore all the games using the casino’s inbuilt Play Money currency, they need to create an account by just providing a username.

This basic registration gives the players the clear option to stop playing at the casino without losing any of their actual cryptocurrencies. This means players can withdraw themselves from the casino in case they aren’t impressed by the services offered to them.

Security Provided

All gamblers at CryptoGames casino play among thousands of global players without worrying about the security of their funds or accounts. CryptoGames enabled security measures like SSL encryption and google 2FA features, to ensure safety for all its players.

The safety measures ensure total safety from any sort of phishing or any unwanted traffic and also make sure that every single withdrawal request is passed only after proper verification. On top of that, the accounts which have not enabled any 2FA feature, are still protected by the email verification process.

This way, all players are in full control of processing any kind of withdrawals as the accounts are consistently safeguarded by the system.

Provably Fair Keno Results

CryptoGames thoroughly makes sure that all its players have complete control over any of their games. This means, in the game of Keno, players will make all their picks on the field completely on their own. The game’s players can also rest assured that the results of the bets contain no chance of adulteration.

CryptoGames’ fair system for ensuring unbiased results is created by the Provably Fair gambling technology. Like all its other games, the highly advanced result processing technology is also always available in Keno.

This fair gambling policy makes sure that all the games on the website including Keno, process the bets according to the decisions the players make during the game. This means, that if the games require them to make any kind of predictions, then all the final results are entirely based on their choices.

This means, in the game of Keno, all results are fully processed under provably fair technology. This is applicable even in the case a player uses Auto Bet or the “Random” pick.

Join A Responsible Community Of Keno Gamblers

From the review above, Keno is definitely a fine choice that has been turned modern as a crypto-based casino game now available in online casinos. The game has become a highlighted attraction for gamblers at CryptoGames as it is one of the easiest games to navigate without any complicated strategies.

It is highly enjoyable for everyone at the casino, and it truly is capable of being one of the games that can gather gamblers from all corners of the internet. The best part about playing this game at CryptoGames casino is that every fellow Keno player strongly wishes to spread the exhilarating experience of crypto gambling to all in an incredibly responsible way.

The gamblers community believes in strictly following and enabling safe and responsible gaming policies among all the serious gamblers at CryptoGames. Thus, playing Keno at the casino will double the fun and its adjustable difficulty levels will continue to challenge the players to use their best skillsets to rightfully reap the rewards.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.