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Crypto Emergency: Innovative Platform of the Future

Crypto Emergency: Innovative platform of the future.

Russian Federation, Moscow, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nowadays owing to high technologies, including blockchain, the world is experiencing an evolution in the financial sector. Changes are occurring really rapidly, that is why it is hard to imagine what awaits us in the nearest future. For instance, we can compare the line graphs of Bitcoin’s and the Internet’s adoption to see a higher progression of the former.

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All solutions ever existed in the world are growing in number. However, as it can be seen out of practice, not all solutions are convenient, simple to understand from an average user’s perspective, and sometimes not even secure as the number of frauds is high enough in this industry.

How to secure oneself from everything mentioned above? How to find the right service or platform which would help to avoid all these problems?

The project Crypto Emergency proposed a way. It is a new start-up which is aimed at the creation of an international platform for community members’ communication. The platform represents a social network but with many additional sections so much needed by the crypto community. As a matter of fact this platform will be helpful for all people sincerely interested in the cryptocurrency industry.

Besides, it is not important for Crypto Emergency if you are a newcomer in this field or you are an experienced trader or investor who is familiar with cryptocurrencies already for a long time.

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Though the platform is still under development, it will include a range of key products, such as the following:

– a tokenized Q&A platform for newbies and professionals in the fintech industry;

– a crypto university integrated with government training programs to train highly sought-after personnel in the economic sector;

– programs to support start-ups;

– light-exchange and light-wallet for solving the daily tasks of a wide range of users;

– a news detector that analyzes, using artificial intelligence, the veracity of materials and their actual impact on cryptocurrency markets;

– NFT market;

– cross-platform advertising and traffic generation tools.

It is worth mentioning that Crypto Emergency is still conducting a pre-sale, during which everyone wishing can buy Crypto Emergency(CEM) tokens with a discount of 15%, specifically $0.20 for a token.

To minimize investors’ risks 50% of tokens will be locked for 2 years with a gradual unlocking of 2% each month. Once every 6 months, Crypto Emergency will repurchase tokens in the amount of 5% of the ecosystem’s discounted cash flow. The redeemed tokens will be burned to regulate the CEM value. Also, some part of tokens will be burned in the course of each transaction.

The project’s team welcomes everybody interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and gives the communication opportunity via such channels as Telegram (https://t.me/emergencycrypto) where you already now can get a lot of the latest helpful information and ask any question to get a professional answer from the Crypto Emergency team.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.