Coinsclone the splendid cryptocurrency exchange provider has integrated leading features in its cryptocurrency exchange provider.

“We are well-experienced in developing cryptocurrency exchange services at the least cost! We have so far delivered 60+ bitcoins exchange software which has helped our clients to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange”, started the Chief official at Coinsclone.

“We provide importance to our clients and hence consider their feedback to make our services enhance with this adding new features to our services to make them function efficiently”, continued the official.

Beyond this, we are offering easily maintaining a cryptocurrency exchange applications like

Coinbase 2

Crypto Exchange Web applications
Crypto Exchange Mobile applications.

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform in which you can exchange a digital asset for another based on the market value of given assets.

By starting a crypto exchange, here are the major benefits one can enjoy:

It makes an entrepreneur by using crypto exchange gaining more amount of money exchanged for bitcoins, Binance Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin in the commission base.

For every withdrawing, deposit happening on the exchange, the owner of the platform earns a good amount of money.

Additionally, by clicking the ads on the exchange they earn a good source of income.

Moreover, for every coin/ token getting listed, the investor needs to pay a small piece of a fee to the owner of the exchange. Hence, whenever the particular token/ coin gets sold both the investor as well as the exchange owner get profited.

Most of the people are thus interested in launching their Bitcoin Exchanges. Coinsclone’s Cryptocurrency Exchange software is easily available. Since it is a readily-made software, one needs to make the required customization of their own wish and instantly start their own bitcoin exchange.

“We initially provided some extinct features of our cryptocurrency exchange script platform. These features helped our clients to get a good amount of profits”, said the Chief Official at Coinsclone.

Trade Engine
User wallet
KYC system
Liquidity & API
Escrow security
Admin panel.

“We have introduced some core components in our Bitcoin exchange script by considering the feedbacks made from our clients to make it more enhanced!”, continued the official.

Limit, market, stop order.
Margin trading.
Exchange mobile application.
Blockchain wallet integration.
Initial exchange offering IEO module.
Liquidity API
Referral program
Admin dashboard
User dashboard
Payment gateway
Site API

“When it comes to security, we provide additional importance and hence have integrated the following elements in our readymade Bitcoin exchange script”, continued the official.

HTTPS Authentications.
Anti distributed denial of services(DDOS).
Data Encryption.
SQL injection prevention.
Anti denial of services(DOS).
Cross-site request forgery(CSRF)protections.
Jail login.
Server-side request forgery(SSRF)protections.

“We hope these features can make our client’s exchange strong and efficient.we still have an idea of integrating many more features to make them more profitable!” ended the Chief official at Coinsclone.
About Coins Clone:

Recognized as the grand Cryptocurrency Exchange Service Company, we provide the exclusive business needs of the clients across the globe.we have so far delivered 60+flourishing Coins Clone cryptocurrency exchange services which have served the clients to gain a great number of profits!!.

To explore more about us, you can visit:

Coinsclone introduces fresh features in its Cryptocurrency Exchange software. 1
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bitcoinBitcoin (BTC)
ethereumEthereum (ETH)
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